Exopolitical Comment # 27 - Teleportation Physics Study - An 
Analysis of its Exopolitical Implications

A special study commissioned by the US Air force on the viability of 
teleportation was recently released for public dissemination. 
The "Teleportation Physics Study" was the result of a subcontracted 
study performed by a Nevada based company, Warp Drive Metrics, for 
the United States Air Force Research Laboratory based at Edward Air 
Force Base. The Study focused on different modes of teleportation 
and analyzed their viability for widespread military and civilian 
applications in communications and transportation. The Study 
distinguished between different forms of teleportation. These modes 
included the classic Star Trek version, called sci-fi teleportation 
('sf-Teleportation' ); teleportation of an objects 'quantum state' 
or 'unique identity', called 'quantum -' or 'q-Teleportation'; and a 
psychic form of teleportation called 'p-Teleportation'.

While the Study mentions the classic sci-fi teleportation, this is 
done for illustrative purposes only and is not in itself examined in 
any detail. The Study begin by focusing on quantum teleportation 
which it deemed to be successful in relocating the 'quantum state' 
of relatively small objects across spatial distances but did not 
succeed in replicating the original object which was destroyed in 
the process. In particular the Study states: 

"In q-Teleportation it is the quantum states of the objects that are 
destroyed and recreated, and not the objects themselves. Therefore, 
q-Teleportation cannot teleport animate or inanimate matter (or 
energy) in its physical entirety. However, some experts argue that 
because an object's quantum state is its defining characteristic, 
teleporting its quantum state is completely equivalent to 
teleporting the object, even though the original object's quantum 
state (and defining characteristic) was completely destroyed in the 
process" ( p. 46). 

What this suggests is that the 'quantum state' of an object at the 
place of origin can be relocated to another place and draw upon 
constituent physical matter to create a new physical object 
containing the relocated 'quantum state' while the old object is 
destroyed in the process. Basically, the new object at the 
destination has the 'quantum state' or essence of the 'original 
object' but is reconstituted with a new set of atoms, molecules, 
etc. Q-Teleportation has been successful on smaller objects 
according to the Study:

"Given the incredible advancements that have been made in the 
entanglement and teleportation of macroscopic objects the size of 
1012 atoms, we are still very far away from being able to entangle 
and teleport human beings (and even simpler biological entities such 
as cells, etc.) and bulk inanimate objects" (p. 46).

The Study is here suggesting that q-Teleportation is a viable 
process that with further study and technological improvement may 
ultimately succeed in teleporting larger objects and eventually even 
humans. Significantly, the Study also suggested that q-Teleportation 
is a phenomenon that naturally occurs in nature: "It turns out that 
there does in fact exist a form of teleportation that occurs in 
nature despite the numerous technical roadblocks described in the 
previous section. It is called quantum teleportation, which is based 
on the well-known concept of quantum entanglement" (p. 32).

The most surprising part of the Study comes when it examines the 
phenomenon of psychic or p-Teleportation which is defined as "the 
conveyance of persons or inanimate objects by psychic means" (p. 2). 
The Study reveals that p-Teleportation "has been scientifically 
investigated and separately documented by the Department of Defense" 
(p. 1). The Study concludes that there "is a wealth of factual 
scientific research data from around the world attesting to the 
physical reality of p-Teleportation^" (p. 59). In short, psychic 
teleportation whereby individuals can move objects through space by 
teleportation is real and is actively being studies by elite 
research institutions of a number of countries. This is the most 
significant aspect of the Study since it concludes that a phenomenon 
that is performed only partially by present technological means, is 
done by psychic means far much more successfully and extensively 
than commonly understood. 

In conclusion, the Study affirms the viability of different modes of 
teleportation and not surprisingly advocates further research and 
technological innovations for exploring the civilian and military 
applications of teleportation. The Study itself is very thorough and 
details the seriousness with which this research has been pursued in 
the military and civilian sector. The Study presents for the general 
public and the scientific community a bold new vision of what the 
future might hold if different teleportation technologies are 
developed and put into practice in the communications and 
transportation sectors. For the science fiction community, it brings 
back the core ideas of sf-Teleportation popularized in the original 
Star Trek series. A question that can be raised is whether the Study 
is only the tip of the iceberg in terms of classified research on 
teleportation technologies, and whether such technologies have 
indeed already been developed, 'discovered' and/or put into 
application? This is where the Study's exopolitical implications can 
be explored.

Exopolitical Implications of the Teleportation Physics Study
As a 'Special Study' approved for release by the US Air force, it 
may be assumed that the Teleportation Physics Study disseminates 
information not deemed to be so sensitive that it poses a 
significant threat to the national security of the US. This is 
surprising given the Study's conclusion that p-Teleportation has 
been widely demonstrated to be real and actively under study in 
other countries. The implication that may be drawn here is that 
classified information on the viability of the different modes of 
teleportation far exceeds the literature used by the Study in 
reaching its conclusions. There is very likely a detailed 
understanding of the capabilities and applications of these 
teleportation modes which makes it possible to release the Study 
without it posing a security threat to the US. This is likely due to 
the advanced nature of classified research and development of 
different modes of teleportation. Consequently, the information on 
teleportation released in the Study is very likely only the 
proverbial tip of the iceberg in what is currently known about 
teleportation in classified projects. The question to be pursued 
here is whether some of the modes of teleportation described in the 
Study have already been secretly developed and put into application 
in various classified projects. More significantly, the Study leads 
plausibility to claims that teleportation technologies have been 
discovered in a number of locations around the planet. 

A number of alleged whistleblowers claim to have witnessed 
classified projects that utilize some of the teleportation modes 
described in the Study. For example, Dr Dan Burisch claims to have 
witnessed teleportation technologies which he described 
as 'wormhole' or 'stargate' (
ID=728&category=Real+X-Files). Burisch says these as are 
both 'artificial' and also 'natural' stargates where presumably q-
Teleportation was employed. Burisch also described the ability of an 
advanced life form that was able to use p-Teleportation in an area 
Burisch described as a Natural Stargate at Frenchman's mountain in 
Nevada. Burisch further claimed that one of the reasons for the US 
military intervention in Iraq was to gain access to the stargates in 
Iraq ( ). 

Another alleged whistleblower, Dr Michael Wolf, also claims to have 
knowledge of teleportation technologies discovered by national 
security agencies. He claims that a stargate exists at the Gizeh 
Pyramid, Egypt, and was created by extraterrestrials 
( ). In a February 2003 study, I 
cite evidence of stargate technology in Iraq as a primary motivation 
for the US intervention in Iraq, and argue that the control and 
application of such technologies are a powerful political factor in 
global affairs ( )

The exopolitical implications of the Study are very significant 
since it lends greater plausibility to claims that teleportation or 
stargate technologies have been discovered and/or developed around 
the planet. It can be concluded that as the Study's is more 
disseminated and understood by the scientific and lay communities, 
the exopolitical implications of the Study will be better 
appreciated; and the role of extraterrestrials in creating, 
disseminating and using different modes of teleportation will be 
better understood. 

[Note: The Teleportation Physics Study is available online at: ] 

 Michael E. Salla, PhD 
December 22, 2004

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