Stargate Command is of course a very popular theme in television fiction, however, according to some, there may actually be something called STARFLEET COMMAND, which is secretly battling predatory aliens and keeping this planet and it's peoples safe... at least for a time... from (as they say in the Stargate TV series) being "culled" by reptilian ETs that --- in vampirial fashion --- seek to abduct humans and siphon them of their life-blood-plasma in order to feed the appetites of their ever-growing vampirial collective.

Such abductees are much more fortunate than those who are never again returned to earth... but are instead kept in prisons underground or off-planet, to be "milked" of their life-blood in order to feed these alien b*stards.

Recently a very interesting report of a top-secret Navy space program has been making the rounds. You can read the report here:

Years ago I recieved the following info, from an altogether separate source, CONFIRMING this story. You can read this confirming report in my e-book "The Secrets of the Mojave", at:

As you can see, this info that I recieved (about 10 years ago), CONFIRMS the earlier story:

So if you wish, please feel free to pass this post on (with the links)... to those who you feel may be interested.

"The Truth is Out There"



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