Subjects: NUFOIA: (A) the "Rossian Roswell"
(B) pseudo time-travel

(A) the "Russian Roswell"

The 1986 crash-retrieval of a small sphere in Hill 611 overlooking Dalnegorsk, Siberia has been characterized as the "Russian Roswell". I first became aware of it from a video segment by reporter George Knapp who hitched a ride on a military helicopter from the naval base at Vladivostok to investigate the rumors first-hand. You can view this using RealPlayer at . If the bandwidth at that site has been temporarily exceeded for the day, you can download a zipped copy (in either RP or WindowsMediaPlayer format) at and then proceed to unzip it. In addition, several articles have been archived as a single MS-Word document at . Two seemingly "minor" points in these reports impressed me. One was the indication of "parent" UFOs searching for the missing probe using searchlights that illuminated the ground but no beam or point-of- origin could be seen for these "lights". In other words, witnesses saw parts of the hillside being illuminated but could not tell how the light was being propagated. If I let loose my imagination, it would appear that "they" were able to "force" some electromagnetic effect at a distance ^ in this case causing a target surface to be illuminated (passively) or radiate (actively). Perhaps similar to what some propellant-less designs propose by using the nuclear color force to project a black-hole type distortion in front of the craft acting like a "tractor beam" in reverse (e.g., see and ). (Military helicopters release free-falling objects which are radiated by black- body radiation emitted from the helicopter as a form of countermeasure against IR-missiles, so this would be another example of action-at-a-distance without a perceptible source.) The other oddity was the disappearance of detected elements in a subsequent chemical analysis. They were noted in a previous analysis but weren't found later on. I'm sure that Russian professors are quite expert at their jobs. And it's not a matter of nuclear transmutation or chemical reaction (oh ^ if it were that simple!). What could cause that? "Pyscho-reactive" materials (item 'E' at )? Microwave-range amplifiers from the Roswell craft that have a secondary effect of decomposing substances into their elemental constituents ( )? Treading on dangerous ground here, the ultra-ultra-pure gold strands in gauze- like fabric reminded me of the ORMEs/ORMUS stuff ( ) . Again, I'm sure the Soviet lab institutes have already covered all of the obvious and not- so-obvious potential reasons ^ yet it still remains a mystery (at least to the general public).

(B) Backward Time- Travel along a previously-established history path.

The fabled Philadelphia Experiment has had many different accounts over-the-years. If you are a believer, the most common version is that it initially involved tests that would make a warship radar-invisible. Many of the naval authorities I contacted said that radar detection of ships is not that important compared to other means. Nowadays, for example, British military satellites can tell the class of ship by analyzing its wake "signatures" (reminds me of a passive "AWACS"/"Hawkeye"). There is another version was first revealed to me in Chica Bruce's book 'The Philadelphia Experiment Murder' ( ). Nikola Tesla supposedly discovered that applications of certain fields would cause an object to move backwards over the path it had just taken on his test bench. So it's not "pure" time-travel or anywhere-teleportation of the type that usually comes to our mind. More of a "pseudo" time-travel. During the War, the Allieds were losing a lot of ships to mines that weren't detected until it was too late. This account suggests that the field-generating equipment on Tesla's workbench was massively scaled-up to fit on a minesweeper -- not a "decoy" destroyer like the Eldridge -- to allow it to go "back in time" over its established path and make course adjustments to avoid the mines. Details can be seen at . (note: her book is inexpensive and its investigative reports appear solid.) Something similar was echoed in a recent KeelyNet post [html] ( -or- [MS-Word] . And former ELINT Sgt. Dan Sherman of "Project Preserve Destiny" fame said his ET contacts indicated they "manipulated" time rather than confronted it head-on. I can't figure it out ^ maybe you can => . (Sherman's complete story is at ). Sherman's stuff may not relate at all to what the former 2 references did. Indeed, one of the major stumbling blocks to ANY of these far- out claims is that none of them agree 100% with the any other. So either you have many, many different UFOs, time machines, and Stargates operating by different species using different methodologies ^ OR only a few (or one) are 'correct' ^ OR it's all a maze of elaborate disinformation. Tom Mahood always reminded me of two sobering thoughts: (1) if something sounds too good to be true, then it usually is; and (2) extraordinary claims require extraordinary proof! (The latter applies to physics as well as to folklore. "Proof" means reproducible events in the laboratory ^ not in curve-fitting models or "eyewitness accounts". Else it's just ink on paper.)