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Subject: [GalacticDiplomacy] President Eisenhower's Secret Meeting with Extraterrestrials in 1955

Aloha all, I'm delighted to announce that more research has been conducted on President Eisenhower's secret visit to Holloman AFB in 1955 to have a meeting with extraterrestrials. Art Campbell has investigated the case and found documentation to support Eisenhower's plane (Columbine III - aka Airforce One)secretly traveled to Holloman on February 11, 1955 soon after his Feb 10 arrival in Georgia for a 'recreational' trip. He has also interviewed three witnesses to help corroborate this event. The first is 'Wilbur' who was an Air Force medic stationed at Holloman who overheard confidential conversations about Eisenhower's meeting with ETs and witnessed some of the events associated with the meeting. I was able to independently confirm that Wilbur did indeed serve at Holloman AFB at the time he claimed through his military records. His testimony and my comments are available online at: . Next is the testimony of a civilian electrician who witnessed a saucer shaped UFO hovering over Holloman AFB on Feb 11. Art was able to confirm that the electrician's story remained the same over many years. Finally, there is a Secret Service agent who confirmed that the Secret Service detail accompanying Eisenhower for his Georgia visit was standard for a major international meeting, and not the recreational outing that Eisenhower claimed to the media on February 9. The first installment of Art Campbell's investigation is reproduced below. For the other six parts, go to: This is important corroboration of the secret galactic diplomacy conducted between President Eisenhower and extraterrestrial visitors. In peace,Michael Salla,

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President Eisenhower at Holloman AFB?On February 9, 1955, Eisenhower announced to the press that he was going to Georgia for a few days.  He left on Feb. 10th at 1:00 p.m.from Andrews AFB with a party of six. A chartered planeload of journalists from all major networks accompanied him. The planeload of press was with Ike because of international tensions. The Russians were having a major leadership upheaval and the Red Chinese were making  moves towards Formosa. Ike and party arrived at his destination, Thomasville GA, about 4:30 p.m. on Feb. 10th, hunted quail for an hour, and retired to his guest cottage. Less than 24 hours later, President Eisenhower  showed up at Holloman AFB. Ike was out of the press view for some 36 hours. James Hagerty, his press secretary, told the press that Ike and his valet were "treating a case of the sniffles."The source of Ike's visit to Holloman comes from an ex-airman stationed at the base hospital. The airman wrote a seven-page letter to UFO investigator/ speaker Art Campbell, delineating the details of Ike's visit and some of the activities while there. The Columbine III,Ike's Air Force One at the time, landed at Holloman around 9:00 a.m.on Feb. 11th. By previous arrangement, the plane taxied and parked onan active runway. A short time later a UFO was seen to land in front of Air Force One. A man presumed to be Ike left the parked plane and walked to the UFO. A meeting of some 45 minutes took place and then he returned to the plane. Another UFO was seen hovering over the flightline while the meeting was going on.The details are sketchy, but Ike was at the base until 4:30 or 5:00p.m. when his plane left. Hundreds saw it (photo above.)  Ike and thebase commander spoke to several hundred military and civilian workers on the base and at a hangar and in the base theater. The airman listed the names of eight witnesses to this event. Other witnesses are being sought by investigator Art Campbell. If you know of, or have any information about this event, please contact Art's e-mail: Or you can snail mail him at:.711 Medford Center, #129Medford Or. 97504. More information and additional details on this dramatic event appear below in a series of articles published in a great online magazine,Filers Files. We will try to post these once a week articles here every week also, from about Feb 19th to Mar. 26th 2007