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A Personal Ghost Story from Greg in Michigan, USA

My personal haunting began in the year 2000. My wife at the time and our 2 children moved into a little place in eastern Michigan. Unknown to me, my wife started dabbling in witchcraft.I started coming home to little things like, herbs being hung in the corners of the rooms and the smell of burned sweet grass.

After discovering a witchcraft study guide I became furious with what I considered poor decision making. In previous years I had a bad experience with a ouja board, and I knew she was only playing with fire.

Shortly after my discovery our marriage began to crumble into little pieces. My refusal to accept her new lifestyle became the gas on the fire and she moved from the home with the children.

While sitting alone in the living room about 5 days later I heard a knock on the front door. Turning the handle and looking out I discovered that no one was there. A few minutes later the knock returned, this time it was fallowed by the sound of children's laughter. Opening the door again I found no one. My front yard consisted of 2 acres of mowed grass and realized that nobody could disappear that quickly with out me seeing them running off.

Within the next few days the knocking persisted and a spot began to appear on the wall next to the door. Nothing that I did would remove the spot on the wall I tried water, cleaner and even paint. The spot kept appearing and to this day I have never heard of this kind of phenomena with a haunting. The children's laughter began to move through out the house and especially into my daughters room.

Her toy box became a playground for the dead. When I would be lying in bed at night I could hear her electronic toys being turned on as if some one was in her room having a field day. After not being able to take it any longer I removed all the batteries from the dolls and things only seemed to get worse.

When my daughter stayed with me on the weekends she would tell me about her new friend that would visit with her at night. With her being only 3 at the time I was especially concerned for her safety and decided, from now on she would sleep with me at night. I became increasingly afraid of the new guests within my home and began sleeping with the lights on and the television on full blast.

The house seemed to come alive after I went to bed and the television seemed to drown out the noises to some extent. The next night I went to bed as usual and as I was dozing off I heard the cupboard door slam open and closed a couple of times and a milk crate full of my ex wifes cookie cutters spilled onto the kitchen floor. I refused to go out into the kitchen and eventually fell back asleep.

In the morning as I went into the kitchen I discovered all the cookie cutters had been stacked into neat little piles. I began yelling at the top of my voice at the spirit within the house to leave immediately because it was not welcome in my home. I went from room to room with my Bible demanding that I was taking back my home!

After my little tantrum I sat on the couch to get my head together. On each side of the couch were end tables with a matching pair of glass blown hurricane lamps. The lamp to the right of me lifted off the table about 3 inches and came crashing down sending shattered glass all over my lap and the floor. After jumping up I noticed that the matching lamp on the other side of the couch was still in tact except for the fact that all of the paint had seemed to have just fallen off of the lamp. The paint was in a neat little pile lying right at the base of the lamp.

This was the last time that any thing ever happened in the house. I am convinced that for what ever reason the spirit wanted one last little hoorah before leaving my home.I have since sold the home and am happy to report that I am remarried and have not had any personal hauntings since.

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Bright Object Seen In Colorado

My name is Gordon and I live in Mancos, Colorado, which is in the Four Corners area of that state. I am 53 years old. At approximately 9:30 p.m. this evening, Friday, July 18th, 2008, I saw something I cannot remember having ever seen before. The sky was clear and there was no wind and the moon had not yet risen. I was sitting in a back yard swing and I caught sight of a very bright white object moving from a east-southeast to an east-northeast direction. It was silent, moved in a straight line and had no marker lights at all. It covered a distance of approximately 60-70 miles in about two minutes time. It left no trail and had no tail. I estimate the elevation to be about 20,000 feet. I thought at first that it might be a satellite but it moved much too fast and was far too big to be a satellite. I also thought it might be an aircraft reflecting sunlight but it had no marker lights or any other indication of being an jet or other such aircraft. I thought it might be a missile from White Sands, N.M. but it left no trail nor did it make any sound.

I am not saying that I know what it was at all but I have never seen something that bright, move that fast and maintain its brightness. I spend several evenings a week in the summer in my yard and am used to seeing all manner of things like satellites, aircraft and meteorites, but as I stated, this was like nothing I have seen before in my life. I thought that somebody else might have reported this same thing or might even know what it was that I witnessed. I am a lifetime educator currently employed as an administrator. I have a family and am a homeowner and resident of this community for 22 years now. I don't drink or smoke and am honest. Thanks.


“I was in charge of Project Bluebook…”

During the late 60's I was in the Air Force and was in charge of Blue Book for our base (no one else wanted to review all the submissions). Of the hundreds of reports only one seemed to be real. Just south of Mt. Clemens, MI, in 1968, there was a sighting where I received 12 reports that all described an event exactly the same. The 12 people did not know each other and were in different locations. They all described a 30-40 foot in diameter saucer that just appeared about 100 yards in the air over a field. Simmering lights that seemed to rotate, then it moved several hundred yards parallel to the ground then went straight up at a ever increasing speed until it disappeared. I questioned all 12 and they all gave directions, that on a map, allowed me to triangulate a location on my map. All radar readings are taped and stored, so I went to our radar squadron and had them pull the tape for that night. On the replay, you could see a dot show on the radar, move a little, then go up off radar.

When I asked my commander what to do with this sighting. He said that we are paid to protect the skies and I want to tell people that something, I don't know what, came from I don't know where, did I don't know what, and went I don't know where. I had to agree with his logic and he had me put it in his safe with all the rest.

I mentioned this story to me mother-in-law recently and she said she believed it because she had seen a giant triangle on the Great Lakes in 1970. She was on board a freighter that her husband worked on.(family was allowed on board for short trips.) She couldn't get my father-in-law's attention but when she told him later what she saw, he said, oh, you see those all the time out over the great lakes. Sounds like the freighter pilots might be a good source of information on these giant triangles.

I was in the Air Force from 1967-1971. I ran Project Blue book from 1968 until 1970 when I went to Thailand. I've been in electronic repair in the automotive field since 1972. I became interested in UFO's after reading a book by George Adamsky in the early 1960's. What got me was that George described a trip into space where he described white snow on the portal when they were leaving our atmosphere. The aliens told him that it was just cosmic dust because it was too high for moisture. This was before our first orbital flight. No one had been that high before. Years later when our first man went into space, he described this same white dust. How could Adamsky had know that little detail? - H.A., Michigan

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Record Number of Canadian UFO Sightings - 836 Canadian UFO Sightings

Some swirled, swooshed and hummed, while others hovered, zipped and zoomed.

Canadians in four provinces reported seeing a record number of unidentified flying objects in 2007, according to an annual report released by a Winnipeg-based non-profit organization that has recorded UFO sightings since 1989.

The UFOlogy Research Institute, which compiles data from sources including Transport Canada and the Department of National Defence, said researchers examined 836 alleged UFO sightings in 2007, an increase of almost 12 per cent over 2006.

While B.C. typically has the highest number of reported sightings, the 2007 compilation found New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Ontario and Quebec each received all-time high numbers of UFO reports.

The reports were filed by witnesses with government and military agencies, police and several online UFO websites. Witnesses ranged from farmhands to airline pilots and included teachers and police officers.

Chris Rutkowski, the lead researcher of the study, said of the hundreds of reports only a fraction -- about 16 per cent -- were classified as unexplained after review by his investigators. He also cautioned while some UFO sightings can't be rationally explained, there is still no evidence to suggest extraterrestrial contact.

Some of the more bizarre cases from 2007 -- those to which researchers gave a "strangeness rating" of six or more out of 10 -- include one in Hammonds Plain, N.S., on March 10, when several witnesses saw a structured object with lights moving slowly over a lake. The object was also "humming," according to the witnesses.

In Halifax on Dec. 21, a helicopter pilot reported seeing a bright object flying overhead and curving around.

In another instance, residents in North Tryon, P.E.I., saw a small, shiny object spiralling in the sky last Boxing Day. They reported the strange craft flew in a corkscrew manner, leaving behind it a mysterious dark smoke trail.

"This one really caught our attention," recalled Rutkowski, an astronomer who leads the research and investigation along with several engineers, journalists and pilots.

"It happened during the day, two individuals saw it and they had enough time because it was visible for half an hour and they took video. The trail persisted for quite some time."

- Tiffany Crawford, CANWEST News Service


Texas UFO Sighting

I have wondered what I had seen back in the early part of the this year. I had chalked it up as a weird experience but now that all this stuff is coming out about these so called UFO’s in Texas it really makes me wonder.

I live in Pearland TX just on the out skirts of Houston TX. My family and I were sitting in the living area chatting about whatever was on tv that night when I notice a really bright light in the sky through my foyer window. The look on my face scared my wife to death cause she believes in all this stuff.

The light was bright blue but the only difference was the center of this light was so crisp. It came in from the west and just dropped at a regular speed. I was thinking someone had thrown a ball up or something but after stepping outside I realized it would had to have been several hundred feet in the air for me to see it from my foyer window.

Maybe someone else saw the same thing and could give me a better idea of what I saw. It’s been several months since I saw this thing I have never seen anything like it in my 32 yrs. Well that’s my story and I’m sticking to it and for the record I’m no UFO believer I just know this was the weirdest thing I’ve ever seen.

7/4/2008 Indiana UFO Sighting:

July 4, 2008 Starke County - Knox, Indiana I was at my brothers house for the fourth of July celebration. We were all outside doing our own fire works. What we saw: There was an orange ball of light coming from the South East. There was at least 13-14 adults that started watching it. As we were watching it, the light took off very fast going South West. It was gone in a matter of seconds. There were no flashing lights, no red lights or green lights on it. I have a been a believer in UFO all my adult life. This is the first time I have ever seen something that I could not explain. - J.W., Indianapolis

Sussex, UK, Sighting:

ANOTHER mystery UFO has been spotted in the Sussex area. After a reader spotted a fast-moving light which appeared to stop then turn abruptly in the night sky above Heathfield, Sheila Dukes who lives in flats behind Waitrose, Hailsham, reports two separate sightings of a strange, cone-shaped object. She told the Express: I first saw it last Saturday night, the same night the other reader saw it. 'I got my binoculars out. It was more like a diamond or a cone shape with a point at the lower end. It shaded through from red, white and then down to a brilliant blue.' Then I saw it again this Saturday. It was hovering above the marshes and moving very slowly. 'I just assumed it was a satellite or something but it was very large , bigger than you'd epxect a satellite to be.'

-Sussex Express

More Northampton, UK, UFO Sightings:

Panicked residents of Northampton say they are now believers in UFOs after capturing eerie soundless lights in the sky on video. Heidi Spencer and her partner spotted a cluster of bright lights from their flat in Abington while watching TV on Saturday night. They stood up to investigate only to see one break off and scoot soundlessly across the sky and disappear. Mrs Spencer said: "They were bright orange and moved quite steadily from the north west and went off to the south. We lost sight of them in the clouds. When I looked back the other one had gone. "We managed to get a video of it on my phone but I was pretty freaked out all night." Mrs Spencer was not the only one who spotted the unexplained lights above the town. Elaine Byrne, of Park Avenue North, Abington and her 18-year-old daughter also saw some of the lights from their bathroom window at about midnight. She said: "I saw a brilliant orange light in the sky. It was not far at all from us. "I shouted to my daughter so she could witness it and we watched it before it went over us. "I went to the other window to follow it then my daughter shouted to me that another one was there. It was strange." Other readers as far away as Earls Barton also saw the lights on Saturday but no one has yet offered a feasible explanation. However, worried Northamptonians may be comforted by the fact that the Ministry of Defence, which collects data on sightings, said no reports of a UFO had been recorded and deemed them no threat to national security. A spokesman said: "The MoD examines reports solely to establish whether UK airspace may have been compromised by hostile or unauthorised military activity. "Unless there is evidence of a potential threat, there is no attempt to identify the nature of each sighting reported." - 7/15/08, Northampton Chron & Echo

Southport, UK, UFO Image:

A UFO spotted over West Lancashire could feature on an American Sci-Fi programme after experts denied the photograph was a fake. Pat Regan, 51, of Sandbrook Road, snapped the oval object during the stormy weather last weekend and has since been hounded by international press. He said: “I took a simple picture of a very unusual natural phenomena and inadvertently snapped a UFO at the same time.
“The worldwide media interest has been incredible, with the story cropping up in many countries. “I am just gobsmacked by it all!” The mysterious sighting could now be investigated on sci-fi programme “UFO Hunters” for The History Channel after it was analysed by a graphics expert known as Allen Rogers. He said: “This is definitely something that was caught by the camera, as the pixelation surrounding the object matches perfectly with the surrounding pixelation. “The lighting is correct, which apparently shows a shadow underneath the object, so I would immediately rule out someone playing tricks with Photoshop. “This one appears to be a metal type object, in my opinion, copper in colour, goldish perhaps. “When you zoom into it, you can notice a distinct whitish contrail-type of thing, but not entirely sure of what it might be.
“There appears to be some sort of white trail behind the image leading towards the bottom left of the image. “If this trail was going from right to left, appearing and emanating from the left side of the object, it would indicate that this object is moving towards the right, but I think it's actually moving towards the tornado, and not away from it. “This is kind of strange, since the whitish trail actually seems to emanate directly from under the entire object and stretching slightly to the bottom left.” Leading UFO authority Nick Pope, formerly of the Government's UFO project at the Ministry of Defence, also analysed the image. He said: “I have seen similar images before, but as I've left the MoD I no longer have access to the specialist equipment and experts that might help solve the mystery.” Mr Rogers offered an explanation for the object. He said: “I hate to say or even suggest this, since the source sounds legitimate, but, this could also be a movement blur from an object being thrown towards the tornado, and then someone snapping a picture of it. “The object being copper in colour could mean it was a coin of some sort or possibly a stone or rock. “I know it’s really hard to say for sure what this object is. Is it a UFO? well I would have to say yes - it is unidentified, it is flying and it is an object. “Is it ET visitors checking out a nearby weather event? I'm not sure about that one. “If I was to keep my suggestion terrestrial, I would say it's some sort of coin, metallic, or smooth stone-type object being thrown towards the tornado then someone shooting a picture. “Or even someone shooting the picture and by chance this object was caught as someone was throwing something towards the tornado, which could also be the answer here.” Writer, Mr Regan, who also runs child-care facilities in Formby, said: “People have said to me that is a wonderful UFO shot and one of the best they have ever seenn yet this was pure coincidence. “I am just a local Pagan author who was out at the time fishing with my daughter in the countryside and now I have become the centre of a substantial UFO axis.”

A UFO was captured on camera as a Southport nature enthusiast snapped away at Sunday’s twister. Father-of-four Pat Regan, 51, of Sandbrook Road, was shocked when he looked at his pictures and noticed the unidentified object to the left of the funnel cloud. Mr Regan, who runs child care facilities in Formby, was fishing in Rufford Canal with his seven-year-old daughter Jasmine when the twister started. He said: “I was clinging to a railway bridge holding my camera. “I thought the object might have been a police helicopter but when it’s close up , it doesn’t look like one. “I’m sceptical about these things but open minded. It’s an oval shape and I would like to know what it is.”

-Southport Visitor

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Norfolk, UK, Photo:

A picture has been sent in of one of the mysterious lights in the south Norfolk skies reported last week. Last week's mystery lights sighting over South Norfolk has brought a flood of sightings at a similar time. Dozens of readers have written to say they also saw mysterious lights above Garboldisham, East Harling, Attleborough and Long Stratton.

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