Subject: Information About The Roswell Crash.
April 29, 2009.
  Here is some information that has come my way about
the UFO crash near Roswell, New Mexico.
  The Serpo releases 1-21
  2 November, 2005 to 30 August, 2006
  Commentary by Bill R-an
  All postings by Anonymous. Page 2
  This is the original posting by 'Anonymous', the key
information provider on this site (2 November, 2005)
  Also included are three responses and seemingly
independent verifications of the information.
  First let me introduce myself. My name is Request
Anonymous. I am a retired employee of the U.S.
G-vernment. I won't go into any great details about my
past, but I was involved in a special program.  It
later became clear that the person who had contacted
Victor Martinez had done so signing himself as
Sylvester McCoglin. Although Victor realized at the
time that this was almost certainly a pseudonym, he
played safe and further disguised the name to "Request
  A person, connected to intelligence circles, has been
identified who has the names "Sylvester" and "McCoglin"
belonging to two of his ancestors.  He has not
admitted any involvement in the releases and his name
will not be disclosed here.  As for Roswell, it
occurred, but not like the story books tell.
  There were  two crash sites. One southwest of Corona,
New Mexico and the second site at Pelona Peak, south of
Datil, New Mexico.  The crash involved two
extraterrestrial aircraft. The Corona site was found a
day later by an archaeology team. This team reported
the crash site to the Lincoln County Sheriff's
department. A deputy arrived the next day and summoned
a state police officer. One live entity was found
hiding behind a rock. The entity was given water but
declined food. The entity was later transferred to
Los Alamos.  The information eventually went to Roswell
Army Air Field. The site was examined and all evidence
was removed. The bodies were taken to Los Alamos
National Laboratory because they had a freezing system
that allowed the bodies to remain frozen for research.
  The craft was taken to Roswell and then onto Wright
Field, Ohio. 
Page 3 
  The second site was not discovered until August 1949
by two ranchers. They reported their findings several
days later to the sheriff of Catron County, New Mexico.
  Because of the remote location, it took the sheriff
several days to make his way to the crash site. Once at
the site, the sheriff took photographs and then drove
back to Datil.  Sandia Army Base, Albuquerque, New
Mexico was then notified. A recovery team from Sandia
took custody of all evidence, including six bodies. The
bodies were taken to Sandia Base, but later transferred
to Los Alamos.
  The live entity established communications with us
and provided us with a location of his home planet. The
entity remained alive until 1952, when he died. But
before his death, he provided us with a full
explanation of the items found inside the two crafts.
  One item was a communication device. The entity was
allowed to make contact with his planet.  Somehow,
I never knew this information, but a meeting date was
set for April 1964 near Alamogordo New Mexico. The
Aliens landed and retrieved the bodies of their dead
comrades. Information was exchanged. Communication was
in English. The aliens had a translation device.  In
1965, we had an exchange program with the aliens. We
carefully selected 12 military personnel; ten men and
two women.
  They were trained, vetted and carefully removed from
the military system. The 12 were skilled in various
specialities.  Near the northern part of the Nevada
Test Site, the aliens landed and the 12 Americans left.
  One entity was left on Earth. The original plan was
for our 12 people to stay 10 years and then return to
Earth.  But something went wrong. The 12 remained until
1978, when they were returned to the same location in
Nevada. Seven men and one woman returned. Two died on
the alien's home planet. Four others decided to remain,
according to the returnees. Of the eight that returned,
all have died. The last survivor died in 2002.
  [Clarification (BR/ Victor Martinez): the paragraph
above contains a typo in the original. Twelve team
members went, and eight returned - two having died on
Serpo and two having chosen to remain; these two were
not ordered to return.]
Page 4
  The returnees were isolated from 1978 until 1984 at
various m-litary installations. The Air F-rce Office of
Special Investigation (AFOSI) was responsible for their
security and safety. AFOSI also conducted debriefing
sessions with the returnees.  I have never seen or read
anything about the exchange program. I once heard a
little bit of information from Linda H-we, but she
didn't have much information. I've monitored your
e-mails for about six months. I've read e-mails from
you and others. But I've never seen nor heard the truth
about the real Roswell incident or the exchange
program.  I'd like to hear what others say about this.
  Comment 1
(by Gene Loscowski):  Who is this person? Most of the
information is absolutely correct.  However, I never
heard of any females going. To the best of my
knowledge, we had 12 men, all military men. Eight USAF,
two Army and two Navy guys. I think the females are a
red herring. But maybe I just didn't have the clearance
for that.  They left and was gone 20 years, as I was
told. When they came back they were put in quarantine
for 365 days at the complex. Only eight came back, that
much is right. Two died a few years into their
assignment on the Visitor's planet. Two others decided
to remain and maybe are still alive today. Since their
return, all have died. The last being in 2003 in a VA
hospital.  As for the Roswell incident. Whomever sent
the e-mail is correct.  The complete debriefing is
contained in:
  "PROJECT SERPO," Final Report-80HQD893-020,
classified TS, Codeword. Ask [Rick] Doty about that
report because I think it is an OSI report. Paul
[McGovern] should be commenting on this since he was
involved in the debriefing.  [Clarification by Victor
Martinez, 1 December: This project classification was
provided by Paul McGovern, not Gene Loscowski.
  Apologies for the error.]
  Page 5
  Comment 2 (by Paul McGovern): Interesting but not
totally correct [commenting on Anonymous's original
e-mail]. As for the Roswell incident: absolutely right.
Few people have ever gotten it entirely correct. Two
crash sites, not one. As for the exchange program:
Unauthorized Release of Classified Information, as I
see it. But maybe someone currently within our
government wants it out. No females were sent. Twelve
men, all military. 8 USAF, 2 U.S. Army and 2 U.S. Navy.
  Two were doctors; three were scientists; two were
language specialists; two were security personnel; two
were pilots and one was the leader (Colonel-AF).  All
were sheep-dipped and completely erased from the
military roles. I'm not totally sure of the training
period, but I think it was about six months. They
were able to transmit messages to Earth by means of a
communication system set up prior to their trip.  One
doctor and one of the security personnel d-ed three
years into their visit.  The doctor di-d of pneumonia
and the security guy die- of an injury. The exchange
team had to endure extreme hardship adjusting to the
environment of the visitor's planet.  The heat was
extreme and took many years to adjust. The food was
something of a problem because the human system had
problems digesting it.  The team took enough food for
two years and rationed it another eight months, but
eventually had to eat the visitor's [Eben's: alien's
name] food.  This caused all team members
gastrointestinal problems. Eventually, they adjusted.
  The visitors tried to create different foods but few
worked.  The team was never isolated or restricted by
the visitors. They could travel as they wished and see
whatever they wanted to see. After about six years, the
team moved to a northern portion of the visitor's
planet, where the temperature was cooler and which
contained ample vegatation.
  Page 6
  Note the mis-spelling of "vegatation" at the foot of
the previous page. Then see p.28, where Anonymous
mis-spells "vegatables" 12 days later. In addition,
McGovern is the first to explain the purported
existence of the 3,000 page report (foot of p.7), which
Anonymous then (p.20) references rather as though he
first mentioned it himself.
  These and other semantic considerations led me to
suspect as early as mid-November 2005 that Paul
McGovern was Anonymous.  It later became apparent that
things were not so simple, and Victor subsequently
explained (5 December, p.49) that 85% of the
information sent to him had come from Anonymous, 13%
from Paul McGovern, and a further 2% which he thought
were from Gene Loscowski. Both mis-spelled pieces
of information could well have come from McGovern; the
originals are no longer in existence to check.  It has
been alleged that the information sent to Victor in the
first e-mail (the only one he did not delete) comes
from Rick Doty's computer. The IP addresses appear to
be similar, and e-mails from Paul McGovern at that time
also show the same IP address. However, Doty
strenuously denies any fabrication (see
and considering that Doty possesses extremely strong
technical computer skills, it is very doubtful that he
would have knowingly left his computer's "fingerprints"
all over this "crime scene" when these would have been
so very easy for him to disguise had he wanted or
needed to.
Part 1.
John Winston.

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