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Angelia Joiner says ďMUFON report lacks detailĒ

Angelia Joiner is the former reporter for a Stephenville, Texas, newspaper that brought attention to the UFO sightings in Erath County with articles she wrote about the witnesses and their encounters. As a journalist for the Stephenville Lights website, she joins many of the rest of us that find the recently released MUFON report on the Stephenville UFO sightings lacking in substance and detail:


6/24/08 - Will Former Presidents Be Part of The U.N. U.F.O. Disclosure?

By Bill Knell

I received an interesting and highly speculative email from a retired engineer that worked on various government projects throughout the years. He suggested that there is some kind of buzz among a few retired members of the U.S. Military that one or more former U.S. Presidents may take part in the anticipated disclosure that may take place as early as 2009.

I met this engineer at a UFO seminar that I gave in Cincinnati, Ohio, years ago. He is a credible, though shadowy, source of potentially important information. He is also the first to admit that this story may just be scuttlebutt, gossip or even speculation among a few former high-ranking members of the U.S. Military that he personally knows. However, he points out that at least one of them says they received some sort of communication asking what that particular person thought of the idea.

It seems that the government may be trying to decide how to soften what is surely to be a serious blow to civilian confidence once the cat is out of the bag about UFOs and Aliens. Some believe that a neutral spokesperson from the United Nations should simply make a speech and show some actual footage of UFOs and Aliens. Others say that a joint press conference or mutual address before the United Nations by former U.S. Presidents would be more meaningful.

It doesnít take a former Government Insider to see the problems with anyoneís involvement in UFO Disclosure. Former members of the military are unlikely to be found in the room when it happens for many reasons. Most of the former Presidents of the United States probably knew less about UFOs and Aliens than the average UFO researcher. The one or two that might have known something are unlikely to agree with the idea of disclosure, let alone wanting to be involved in the process.

The real question is WHO will take the blame for keeping the secret and how politically devastating will that be for him or her. After lying to the American Public and the world for so long, how do you just come forward and tell people that Aliens from other worlds have been visiting our planet for quite awhile. And suppose the news about their visits is not particularly good? Who will be the one to say that there may be Invaders in our midst? And then there is the matter of the Contactees, Abductees and Experiencers.

Stories of morally neutral beings abducting people and performing painful experiments on them are not just going to vanish with any disclosure statement. Instead, more questions will be asked than government authorities may want to answer. So why bother with disclosure at all? With MUFON telling everyone that nothing really strange happened in Erath County, Texas, during the Stephenville sightings and the government still able to convince people that E.T. visits to earth are just conspiracy theories gone wild, what do they have to worry about? What indeed!

The UN held a UFO briefing of sorts years ago that was ignored by all the superpowers. It was similar to the disclosure efforts of Dr Steven Greer as he paraded qualified and believable witnesses before a press that chose to ignore them in 2001. Films were shown, credible witnesses testified and noted speakers spoke. If this disclosure effort by the UN is a serious one, it has to have some teeth. Those teeth might be irrefutable evidence that even a politically correct and scientifically brain-soaked news media could not afford to ignore.

I believe that itís entirely possible that the United Nations may be in the possession of important evidence to support the idea that Extraterrestrials are visiting our planet. For example, little was said last year when conspiracy websites claimed that foreign troops wearing insignias identifying them as being a part of United Nations Forces had been seen in various parts of Texas. Weíve all heard those stories of foreign troops on American soil that are ready to take away our freedoms before and tend to ignore them as overly-conspiratorial. However, suppose there were U.N. Troops in areas of Texas where UFOs had been reported?

Iíll be the first to admit that I tend to ignore most U.N. troops in America stories because I know that foreign troops often train on U.S. Military Bases and even if they were here and up to no good, what could I do about it? Governments routinely sell out their citizens to retain power and it would be no surprise to see that kind of behavior from members of our government that are more concerned with their own financial well-being than ours.

What I do find interesting are stories of United Nations Troops being recently seen on Phu Quoc Island, the sighting of an alleged UFO crash last month. While itís possible that local communist militia uniforms (which vary greatly in nations like Vietnam) may have been mistaken for the garb of UN Troops, there could be a more subtle and fascinating explanation.

Iím not sure how the United Nations would get the authority or funds to travel around collecting evidence for Extraterrestrial visits to Earth without the support and funding of influential member nations like the USA. The only way would be for China, Russia, the EU or a combination of various nations coming together to help the U.N. If they did, it might ultimately lead to the kind of disclosure that would allow those nations to finally discover what the U.S. really knows about UFOs and Aliens.

While I am unsure about whether or not any former U.S. Presidents will be involved in the UN disclosure of UFO information, it does seem likely that some sort of disclosure will take place in 2009. The United Nations has already announced the International Year of Astronomy and planned exercises for it. What better time to reveal the truth about Extraterrestrials? The question of WHO will actually reveal that truth is still a very open one.


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