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Paranormal News and Views by Bill Knell - June 9, 2008


How Much Is That Alien In The Window?

By Bill Knell

UFO activist Jeff Peckman teamed up with UFO Experiencer Stan Romanek during a recent press conference to call for a ballot initiative to create an Extraterrestrial Affairs Commission in Denver. Peckman believes that the commission will help to prepare the city for extraterrestrial visitations. Romanek is a Colorado native who believes he has already been visited by aliens many times and presented what he claims is proof of those visitations in the form of a video of “a living, breathing alien.” The video was filmed in 2003 while Romanek was living in Nebraska. He claims that he set up a camera to capture evidence of a Peeping Tom that was regularly peering into a room where one of his daughters slept.

Romanek released what he said was a small portion of the video to the news media at the press conference with Peckman. Reporters that attended the event say that the video was dark and appeared to show what is commonly described as a small ‘grey’ type of alien peeking in a window that is said to be eight feet above the ground. The ’alien’ was bobbing up and down and blinking its eyes during the brief segment. Jason Sheehan, a reporter, self-proclaimed UFO witness and admitted believer attended the press conference and made this statement about Romanek’s video in the Denver Westword News, “I was just disappointed. It looked so patently fake, so ridiculously cheap and goofy.”

I am objective and try to maintain an eclectic view of UFOs and the evidence available to support the existence of extraterrestrials and their visits to the earth. I dislike judging what may first appear to be lackluster evidence for UFOs and ETs too harshly. After all, we’ve been practically brainwashed by the government and mainstream media to believe that UFOs and Aliens are just figments of deluded or overactive imaginations. Others will say that computer generated graphics provide a new and easy way for almost anyone to create fake aliens doing all kinds of things. Those kinds of objections being thrown at us 24/7 are bound to influence our opinion when it comes to viewing evidence like the Romanek video.

Portions of the alien video presented to the press have been posted on the internet. If those postings are real, you can take at look and decide for yourself. If you care to wait, the video will soon be part of a documentary currently titled as “Starseed: The Stan Romanek Story.” Romanek says he has sold the rights to his alien video to a film company. That makes me want to ask him, “How much is that Alien in the window? The one with the bobbing head and blinking eyes. How much is that Alien in the window? Will your documentary be a huge disappointment or a big and wonderful surprise?”

I should not be so sarcastic, but part of the problem with Stan Romanek’s video is his decision to sell it to a film company before it has been fully examined, researched and authenticated. I can certainly understand the frustration of anyone with video, photos or information that they’re trying to incorporate into a documentary only to find that it’s already been put out on the internet. I have had my own articles, information, video and audio recordings placed online by others without even so much as a brief mention giving me any credit. However, I also believe that the value of the Romanek video would not be lessened by showing part of it to the public prior to the release of the documentary.

If the same small segment shown to reporters was released to the public it would give UFO researchers and video experts time to weigh in on it. If they could not find enough objections to dismiss it as a hoax, that would increase the value of the video and make people want to see his documentary when it becomes available. Instead, we find ourselves in the familiar ‘grey’ area of a yet another UFO Experiencer wanting people in and out of the UFO research community to accept his evidence without seeing all of it.

Romanek and Peckman claim that one Denver film expert concluded that the video had not been doctored. The same expert says that if the image appearing in the window was a puppet, it would be a very expensive and elaborate puppet. That’s a non-starter. We could just as easily say that someone filming a video of a star in the night sky without special effects was not faking it even if they said the star was a UFO. Zack Hildebrand of Wonderhouse Productions in Hollywood says that it could cost as little as $100 to create a simple ‘puppet’ to do the things the alien in Romanek’s video does.

Members of the Rocky Mountain Paranormal Researcher Society have already dismissed the Romanek video as a fake and created one of their own to show how easy that would be to do. However, a visit to their website shows that their primary interest is in Ghost Research. They proudly display photos of themselves with the cast of the Ghost Hunters television show. That leads me to believe that members of the Rocky Mountain Paranormal Researcher Society subscribe to the same view held by the Ghost Hunters which is to debunk first and ask questions later.

Without full access to the video, we are left to examine the claims of Stan Romanek based on his story and the evidence he has publicly displayed. During a lecture he recently presented at the Auraria Campus in Denver, Colorado, Romanek said that he videotaped his first encounter with a UFO east of the Red Rocks Amphitheater near Denver in 2000. He also spoke about government agents, extraterrestrial beings, unusual craft, balls of light, threats, floating objects, bizarre communications, advanced scientific equations, implants and more.

On the surface, Romanek’s story seems awfully conspiratorial. However, there are many pros among what some consider to be a number of cons. One is that some of the objects he has filmed were also independently videotaped by Jeff Woolwine of Phoenix, Arizona. Jeff says that many of the objects he has caught on video came right up out of the Superstition Mountains. He also claims that Native American drawings in those areas show the objects have been doing this for a long time. Many of Romanek’s videos are filmed near mountains.

Another interesting pro is the mathematical prowess shown by Stan Romanek. According to Dana Thibault, a researcher who claims to have been involved with Romanek for a year, Romanek suffers from dyslexia and has the math competency of a fourth grader. Despite his apparent disabilities, Stan has managed to produce complicated equations that predict little known celestial events and allege to provide information about zero point propulsion.

Romanek claims to that he received the equations from extraterrestrials. He does have scars and markings that are similar to those that appear on other people who claim to have been abducted or contacted by the ’grey’ type of aliens. However, some of his photos leave much to be desired. It’s possible that he reads too much into the photos. That is also a common trait among abductees and contactees. If I were to casually look at the evidence for his case apart from the alien video, I could easily conclude that he was in some sort of contact with aliens.

If Stan Romanek wants people to take his story and alien video seriously, he will have to open himself and his evidence up to the same sort of scrutiny, examination and critical analysis that so many who came before him have had to endure. It’s not a pleasant process, but in a world where most people are either true believers or skeptics, there are just not a lot of other options. For more, visit


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