Subject: What Happend At Dulce?          July 13, 2009.
  This tells what happened at an unground alien base at
Dulce, New Mexico.
  The B-ttle at Dulce to Stop an Alien Breeding Program
Using Thousands of Young Women
  Here is a small part of what she is going to talk
  Earth Defense Headquarter' Technical Brief
  Winter - 2001
  Condensed and re-edited by 'BRANTON' with the
permission of E.D.H.
  This is a greatly condensed version of the 'DULCE
BA-TLE' Report...
  The full 166 page version of this --- and other
E.D.H. Research Reports --- are available at:
  G-vernment scientists (the s-cret go-ernment)
purportedly labored alongside an alien force to work
out the sundry ways the general population could be
brought under an ultimate totalitarian control that
would leave humanity as little more than farm animals
to be used for breeding. All of which began with a 1947
treaty signed by P-esident Harry T-uman, that set in
motion a plan where the E-ITE obtained alien
technological se-rets in exchange for permitting the
aliens to abduct human subjects for their diabolical
research. In time, the el-te would be allowed to
survive to become the overlords of the human sheep,
under ultimate control of the aliens - like the dogs
that watch the sheep on a human farm...
  Located almost two miles beneath Archuleta Mesa on
the Jicarilla Apache Indian Reservation near Dulce,
New Mexico was an installation classified so sec-et,
its existence would be one of the most protected
realities in the world. There was the Earth's first
main joint U-ited States Gov-rnment/Alien biogenetics
laboratory. Others existed in Colorado, Nevada, and
Arizona, not to mention in a number of other locations
like Afghanistan and Russia - but Dulce (is)/was the
  In an era when the officers in charge of the major
mil-tary units were still part of the generation that
looked on young women - potential mothers - as a
treasure to be protected, to learn that thousands of
young females were being abducted, and even created
(cloned, etc.) for use as s-x s-aves by aliens was
simply too much for such men to allow to continue.
  The turning point came when National S-curity Adviser
Dr. Zbigniew B-zezinski met with Pr-sident Jimmy C-rter
in the W-ite House on June 14, 1977, with a number of
other "intelligence operatives and leaders", to bring
the Pre-ident up to speed on a number of top sec-et
programs, including "Project Aquarius", and the work
being done at Dulce, Area 51, and other secr-t bases.
Br-ezinski, a member of the power el-te that backed the
"Grey" cause, never guessed that the Pres-dent would be
so shocked that he would soon turn to trusted mi-itary
advisors in the mili-ary intelligence community for
options of how to stop what had been going on.
  The National -ecurity Agency (N-A) had been secr-tly
fighting the alien cause, and the humans that worked
for or with the aliens, since it was established in the
mid-1950s'. Project Aquarius was originally established
in 1953, by order of Pres-dent E-senhower, under
control of N-C and M- 12. In 1966, the Project's name
had been changed from Project Gleem to Project
Aquarius, and portions of it went into DEEP COVER,
hidden even from the CI- and the N-C. At that point,
the -SA had opened "Department X" (to identify and
study all alien or enemy operations that could be a
threat to the Unit-d States or the Human R-ce in
general), and "Department Z" (to "react" and
"neutralize" any sort of threat to the Unite- States or
the Human Ra-e).
  Under secre- Pr-sidential Order, signed by Pres-dent
Jimmy C-rter, the N-A's Department Z, the newly
established DELTA FORCE, and a specially hand-picked
group of Air F-rce SOC, Navy SEAL, and Army Rangers
were organized for a mission so -ecret that not even
command officers were told what it was about until the
night of the attack.
  The only 'Attack Team' leaders who knew what this
would be about were the men involved in the NS-
Department Z, who had been involved with fighting
aliens for years. The commanding officer of the attack
was none other than Captain Mark Ric-ards, the son of
the infamous "Dutchman", Major Ellis Loyd Richards, who
had been the commander of International Se-urity (IS)
since Admiral Chester W. N-mitz died in 1966...
  By 1978, the N-A Department X was warning the human
commanders of new programs starting at Dulce that were
so frightening that even seasoned men of w-r were
shocked. Thousands of young human females were being
"created" in test tubes to be -ex s-aves for the
  But these clones were proving to be less than
satisfying for the aliens', because they didn't
"suffer" the same way that once free victims did. They
could be engineered to provide better se-ual tools for
some of the stranger life forms, but they were proving
to be nearly "mindless", and thus couldn't react with
the "fear" that normal young women could. For that
reason, while the clone program would continue, it had
been decided that the abduction program would be
stepped up - with the forced "short-term" attacks to
increase by 1980 to over 100,000 a year, and the
facility to be enlarged for "long-term" victims (who
would stay there for as long as they lived) with
numbers over 75,000.
  The labs at Dulce started cloning human females by a
process perfected in the world's largest and most
advanced bio-genetic facility, Los Alamos . The eli-e
humans who manipulated the worlds' gov-rnments from the
shadows would soon have a disposable sl-ve-ra-e, for
medical culling of body parts and their own perverted
  Like the alien Greys, the U.S. (se-ret) Go-ernment
sec-etly kidnaped and impregnated young females, then
removed the hybrid fetus after a three-month time
period, before accelerating their growth in
laboratories. Biogenetic (DNA Manipulation) programming
was then instilled - many being implanted with all
sorts of devices, some that allowed them to be
controlled at a distance through RF (Radio Frequency)
  From: EDH Archives: Dulce Interviews; WC-289487346-
  "Level 7 is worse... It was like a w-ore house for
pervert ETs'.
  Human females were brought there for 'experiments',
but you can't convince me that most of it wasn't just
sadistic pleasure for the Greys. They wouldn't just
impregnate the girls, they would s-xually torture them
for hours. Sure there were the scientific procedures,
but there were also orgies where a few pretty human
females would be given to a large number of Greys for
nothing less than a brutal gang-r-pe.
  And this was constant. Hundreds of Greys, and other
species that seemed to be friends to the Greys, would
come and go every week, for no other clear reason than
to take se-ual pleasure with the provided human
  When the truth was evident that sub-humans and other
creatures were being produced from abducted human
females, impregnated against their will, a -ecret
resistance group formed within the mil-tary and
intelligence agencies of the U.S. Gov-rnment that did
not approve of the deals that had been made with the
'Off-worlders. Many of these brave humans would be
a-sassinated, or "d-ed under mysterious circumstance,"
or would be silenced in other ways. But in 1979, they
would manage a victory that would cost the Greys, and
the humans that backed the Greys, dearly...
  The Air Fo-ce Intelligence Officer that reportedly
was the man who met with the Aliens at Holloman (Air
Fo-rce Base) in 1964, was the legendary 'Dutchman,'
Ellis Loyd Rich-rds, Jr. - the same man who would
reportedly order the attack on Dulce in 1979, and whose
son, Captain Mark Richar-s, would lead the human attack
on the facility.
  The Ri-hards names come up time and time again when
one looks into any of the mentioned Top Se-ret Projects
that Mi-itary Intelligence, or the Eyes-Only, Tops
Se-ret agency known as International Se-urity, were
involved in from World W-r II through the Cold Wa-
  The in-house political argument that developed within
MAJESTIC T-ELVE in the late 1970s, when the
mili-ary/intelligence men objected to the deals with
some of the Aliens on the side for the selfish gain of
such groups as the I-luminati of thousands or the "Club
of R-me" at the expense of thousands of innocents, if
not all of mankind, helped to cause the rift that would
lead to the mil-tary action taken against the Dulce
facility in 1979...
  (Later on in the DULCE BA-TLE report, it is written
  "It would be ONE OF the reptoids who taught several
of the men involved in the attack on Dulce a number of
the informative points that would first cause them to
look more deeply into what was being done at the
facility, and then helped them better understand the
enemy, and how to defeat them. Indeed, it would be this
Reptoid who communicated the factual basis for a number
of the plots being organized against humanity by a
number of off-world sources, and (some of them) had
proven their willingness to aid the human cause in the
Ba-tle for Central Asia in 1976, and in the August 1979
space defense of Earth against alien invaders. It was
also (they) who warned of the danger that such life
forms as bacteria represented to both aliens and
Part 1.
John Winston.

Subject: What Happened At Dulce?      Part 2.
July 13, 2009.
  This mentiones the people who particated
in the Dulce Operation.
  In 1979, there were 37 alien species
represented at the Dulce facility. Only 6 of
those had their own space or dimensional
traveling ability, while the others were
guests of the Greys. All of those species
that had come as guests of the Greys were
there for genetic and reproductive
experiments with humans - and 8 of those were
also interested in humans as A SOURCE OF
FOOD. Of those interested in reproductive
experiments, 25 could enjoy direct
i-tercourse with human females (although
several needed the female to be placed on
special hormone treatments ahead of time),
and the facility apparently got the
reputation for being a s-xual pleasure spot
for the quadrant.
  Of course, not all the Reptoid-type
creatures are friendly towards humans.
According to Lear and others, the U.S.
g-vernment may have made a 'pact' with a
non-human r-ce as early as 1933. According to
some this 'ra-e' is not human yet claims to
have had it's origin on Earth... Some sources
allege that this predatory rac- is of a
neo-saurian nature. This has led others to
suggest that the dinosaurs which ruled the
surface of the Earth in prehistoric times may
not have become entirely extinct as is
commonly believed, but that certain of the
more intelligent and biped-hominoid mutations
of that -ace developed a form of intellectual
thought equal to, or surpassing (in some
respects - especially with their 'collective
mind' matrix - Branton) that of the human
  The theory then suggests that some of this
ra-e went into space, only to return to find
that their founders on their home planet had
not survived (on the surface, that is,
however there are several reports of
reptilian humanoids being encountered in deep
underground natural cavern systems all over
the world... and in time, the space-based
reptiloids learned of these. - Branton)
  There were a number of facts quickly put
forward; for instance one branch or mutation
of the supposedly extinct sauroid rac-,
Stenonychosaurus, was according to
paleontologists remarkably hominoid in
appearance, being 3 ˝ to 4 ˝ feet in height
with possibly greyish-green skin and three
digit clawed hands and a partially-opposable
'thumb'. The opposable thumb and intellectual
capacity are the only thing preventing
members of the animal kingdom from
challenging the human rac- as the masters of
planet Earth. For instance, the ape kingdom
possesses opposable thumbs yet it does not
possess the intellectual capacity to use them
as humans do. The dolphins possess intellects
nearing that of humans but do not possess
opposable thumbs or even limbs necessary to
build, etc.
  The cranial capacity of Stenonychosaurus
was nearly twice the size of that of human
beings, indicating a large and possibly
advanced though not necessarily benevolent
  According to researchers such as Brad
Steiger, Val Valerian, TAL LeVesque and
others, this may actually be the same type of
entity or entities most commonly described in
'UFO' encounters, as well as the same type of
creatures depicted in early 1992 in the
nationally viewed CBS presentation
  According to Lear, the go-ernment may have
established a 'treaty' with this (reptilian)
-ace, which they later learned to their
horror was extremely malevolent in nature and
were merely using the 'treaties' as a means
to buy time while they methodically
established certain controls upon the human
r-ce, with the ultimate goal of an absolute
  The fact that a base like Dulce might house
dozens of 'types' and 'rac-s' of ETs' would
never be admitted by most humans, and would
be reduced to the stuff of legends if ever
turned over to the general public. The years
of work to cover up the alien threat had
worked very well by 1979, and normal people
would not admit seeing an alien for fear of
being called crazy.
  The types and -aces at Dulce at the time of
the attack are still in question, and many
rac-s have not wanted to admit their taking
part in what took place there in 1979...
  Many victims find their abductors to be
nothing less than brutal beasts. The
casebooks of researchers are filled with
incidents in which malice and hostility
played a significant role in the abduction.
  Unfortunately, most of the victims who
suffer these more vile attacks do not get the
chance to make any report to any human
authority about the event - as they vanish,
and become another statistic in the growing
number of "missing persons" across the
  By the early 1970s, the number of these
missing persons - most of all, young w-ite
women - were going up. While the abductions
of humans by superhuman forces of varying
descriptions appeared to obey the same
mechanisms worldwide, it was clear that young
wh-te women were the most frequent victims,
and that there was little support for
abductees should they survive...
  In the more controlled environment of
Dulce, researchers had no...disclosure
problems (concerning stem cell and cloning
research). The fertilized eggs of hundreds of
healthy young human females could be
`harvested' constantly, for unlimited embryo
and stem-cell research, 'k-lling' uncounted
human embryos in the search for everything
from cures to alien skin infections caused by
Earth germs, to how to better create a
sub-human s-ave ra-e of cloned worker
  Such research also moved into other
dangerous fields, such as 'enhancing' humans
into becoming creatures that would serve
other alien needs. One of the more shocking
of these that the 'attackers' would find in
huge holding pens were the human females who
had been 'enhanced' to become reproductive
'cows', as the need for human milk and
reproductive systems had grown. Hundreds of
young women had been `altered', to become
little more than cows...
  "Free will" is always dangerous to a
f-scist society, or a police state! "Free
will" is what allowed a group of men to take
the moral high-ground, and attack the Dulce
  The attack plan centering on crippling the
main generator, then doing as much damage as
possible -- while freeing as many victims as
possible -- started to take shape in the Fall
of 1979, after the August space battle
between forces of the U-AF Space Command and
an alien invasion force, with none other than
Brigadier General A-erholt (US-F) brought in
to head the organization that would be formed
for the invasion of the Dulce Facility.
  Funded by Texas businessman Ross P-rot,
C-A/DI- frontman Edwin W-lson, and a massive
black ops' fund long hidden (by Major E.L.
R-chards Jr.) the plan moved forward quickly
within a small community of intelligence
officers and their backers...
  Brigadier General Harry C. Ad-rholt would
pull a team together in September and October
of 1979 that would have made any commanding
officer proud, and perhaps shot fear into any
enemy who had any idea of what was being put
together. Colonel Roger H.C. Do-lon,
stationed at Fort L-vanwvrth at the time,
would head one combat team, drawing heavily
from the newly formed DE-TA FORCE, Navy
SEALS, and -SAF Special Operations Command
(AF-OC). Flight teams were organized by
astronaut scientist Karl Gordon H-nize, and
included the best of the best in combat and
test pilots, with special operations training
- or who could be counted on to keep their
silence, including Captain Mark Ri-hards, who
was recovering from his command roll of
Dragon Squadron in the battle that had taken
place in August.
  While exact numbers of the human force
involved is still so protected that there
seems to be no firm record of the exact
count, there were never more than a few
hundred who knew anything about the
operation. The center of the operation was
clearly found in U-AF Space Command, and the
Director of I.S., Major Ellis L. Ric-ards Jr.
  The P-esident (of the U.S.), the S-cretary
General of the U-ited Nations, and the
Chairman of the JCS were never informed of
the pending operation, and it should be noted
that the humans and aliens involved in the
attack took part in the action without orders
or clearances from higher authorities.
  Those who fought against the aliens did so
against the will of the human e-ite. (Many of
whom may even be reptilian shape-shifters in
human form, according to some sources, like
David Icke and others... -
  One of the men who was hit the hardest (by
the horrifying stories emerging from out of
the Dulce underground base) was William
Randolph L-athers. Born in St. Louis
Missouri. A graduate of Yale in 1941, he
served in the O.S.S. as a Captain during
World War II, teaching map reading in
Aberdeen, Maryland for much of the w-r. One
of the members of the top se-ret task force
that hit the secr-t G-rman m-litary facility
in Afghanistan in 1945, he had been a close
friend of The Dutchman from that time, moving
to Greenbrae, in Marin County, California, in
1967 to be part of the headquarters team for
I.S. (his cover was as an employee with the
John H-ncock Life Insurance Co.)
  Captain Le-thers had lost his wife in 1971,
and identified with several of the husbands
and fathers of victims (he had four children
of his own) for his own reasons (Captain
Lea-hers died on October 22, 2001, at age
83). It would be Leat-ers who worked with NRO
satellite photos, U2 and SR-71 photos, and
mil-tary maps of the area until all of the
major portals to the Dulce Complex were
spotted and marked. He would lead one of the
assault teams himself.
Part 2.
John Winston.
Subject: What Happened At Dulce?      Part 3.
July 14, 2009.
  This shows how hay fever was used to knock
out the Grays.
  Having turned 60 in 1978, Captain L-athers
would be the oldest member of the assault
team, to take an active roll in the a-tack.
  Most of the troops would come from three
sources: The Delta Force, USAF-SOC, and the
N-A Department "Z".
  The U.S. Army's 1st Special Forces
Operational Detachment-Delta (SFOD-D) would
be one of two of the U.S. g-vernment's
principle units tasked with counter t-rrorist
operations outside the U-ited States (the
other being Naval Special W-rfare Development
Group, better known as SEAL team 6). Delta
Force was created by U.S. A-my colonel
Charles B-ckwith in November 19th 1977 in
direct response to numerous, well-publicized
te-rorist incidents that occurred in the
1970s. From its beginnings, Delta was heavily
influenced by the British SAS, a
philosophical result of Colonel Be-kwith's
year-long (1962-1963) exchange tour with that
  The Delta Force at Bragg was already
considered the best special operation
training facility in the world. After the
assault on Dulce, the CQB indoor training
range would be given the ominous nick-name,
"The House of Horrors", in memory of what
could not be remembered.
  Most important; the Delta Force had their
own fleet of helicopters (the aviation
platoon). Painted in civilian colors and fake
registration numbers, the helicopters could
deploy with Delta operators and mount g-n
pods to provide air support as well as
transportation, while not being easy to spot
as 'm-litary' units from the ground. It was
decided that these air units, after
delivering Delta Operators to several
locations for forced entry into the facility,
would come in with the NSA "Z-Team" as air
support in the assault on the main landing
  The Air F-rce Special Operation Command
(AFSOC) would be in charge of taking and
holding the main 'landing port'. The job of
AFSOC "operators" was to quickly turn a given
patch of hostile terrain into a fully
functional airfield. Sometimes this meant a
stealthy attack by motorcycle and ATV. Other
times it meant cleaning out hostile forces by
whatever means was necessary. In years to
come, an AFSOC Special Tactics (ST) combat
controller might have used a Special
Operations Forces Laser Marker (SOFLAM) to
create a spot where a laser-guided b-mb could
aim and neutralize the enemy; but in 1979
they had to do that with manpower...
  Performing a diversified job required a
diversified range of combat hardware. Air
Force ST operators carried a variety of small
arms, including the M9 9mm pistol with sound
suppresser, the Remington 870 12-ga. shotgun,
the M203 stand-alone 40mm grenade launcher,
the M4A1 SOPMOD (Special Operations Peculiar
Modification) 5.56mm carbine, and the M249
5.56 SAW (Squad Automatic Weapon). By making
extensive tactical use of night vision gear,
AFSOC's airborne capabilities were provided
by the 16th Special Operations Wing, which is
based at H-rlburt Field, Florida, and by
units of Special Operations Groups at RAF
M-ldenhall, England. These wings had been the
long-time vision of Major Ellis L. R-chards,
Jr., and others like him, and the Dulce
Ba-tle would be the first time they were used
fully in combat.
  But because of the special problems of
entry into the Dulce facility, normal
helicopter attack would not work. As well
trained as they were, to attempt a landing
into the hanger area of the facility would
have been suicidal.
  The Dulce landing ports were set up to
accept the "lightcraft" and other Mass
Accelerator Beam (MAB) Riders used by the
Greys to transport from planet to orbital
pick-up points. These craft generated
magneto-hydrodynamic thrust, driven by
microwaves and pulsed lasers, to accelerate
the classic "flying saucers" up to altitudes
of 50 kilometers and accelerations that
easily allowed orbital velocities. This made
the human-style of heavy-lift chemical
rockets an expensive folly, and allowed the
aliens Earth-to-orbit travel at will for a
relatively low cost.
  It also gave the human forces a way into
the facility.
  Because an infrastructure of orbiting
stations were used to reflect energy from a
solar-power station hidden on the Dark Side
of the Moon, there were a number of ways to
track such a ship. The lightcraft focused the
microwave energy to create an "air spike"
that deflected oncoming air - that could be
tracked. And electrodes on the vehicle's rim
that ionized air and formed part of the
thrust-generating system could be seen by
real-time cameras (and even the human eye at
close ranges). Thus, it was planned that one
of the att-ck teams would enter the facility
when the main port's doors were open for an
incoming lightcraft.
  This was not going to be an easy stunt.
Sensors around the area set off an alarm if
anything got too close to the doors, not to
mention warn the operators of any air or
space vehicle that got too close. The mouth
was too small for anything larger than a good
sized helicopter, but helicopters would be
too slow to reach the doors before the base
defensive systems went off. And once inside
the port area, any attack force would be
likely overwhelmed by the base defenders -
unless, whatever craft was used could carry a
number of heavy automatic weapons, and land a
large number of attackers at one time.
  The Greys were quite content that no such
craft existed in the human mil-tary
inventory. And not even the Reptoids had a
craft that could be used under all of the
required conditions, that wouldn't be spotted
long before it could reach the port.
  What they hadn't counted on was one,
single, experimental aircraft, that was still
so s-cret that it had never been entered on
any inventory list.
  Manufactured by the B-ll corporation, the
X-22 was a 'research' craft, with some
interesting abilities. The first successful
V/STOL VSS (Variable Stability System)
aircraft, this strange mix of wings, jets,
and huge ducted props might not have been
pretty, but it was perfect for the mission
needs of the Dulce Att-ck Force...
  Because of the lack of time, the only man
involved who also had the skill to fly the
X-22 under such combat conditions was Captain
Mark Ric-ards. Thus he was chosen to lead
Combat Assault Team (CAT) Three, that would
be responsible for attacking the main landing
port - and hold it long enough for other
teams to land in conventional helicopters and
for the evacuation of CAT's and victims when
the attack was concluded.
  According to records, Captain Richa-ds had
no more than 12 hours flying the X-22 before
he took it into combat.
  While the attack teams were being organized
and trained, the attack itself was being
planned by the men responsible for the
situation. Objectives and alternative were
picked, including a n-clear option in case
the manned atta-k failed. Astronaut David
G-iggs was chosen to go with CAT-3 to make an
attempt to 'loot' one of the alien space
ships, while astronaut Ronald Ervin M-Nair
went in as Richar-s' co-pilot and "laser
weapons expert" (the fact that he was a
blackbelt in Karate also came in highly
helpful before the event was over). Astronaut
Lieutenant Colonel Ellison S. O-izuka (USAF)
and Colonel Stuart Allen R-osa (USAF) also
went in as members of CAT-3 to gather
information, and hopefully escape with alien
ships or equipment, with Colonel Ro-sa
commanding the Material Acquisition Team
(MAT). None of their efforts could be of
value, of course, unless the attack plan
  To make sure of success, the full
information gathering ability of several
top-se-ret departments within the NS- was
turned loose on Dulce. Facts were gathered
from sources far and wide, including
everything from sightings listed in
newspapers to interviews with people who
helped to build the facility.
  John V. C-ambers, a Kentfield, CA resident
...spent his working life in management and
finance of large engineering construction
projects...It would be Ch-mbers, who had been
involved with the Be-htel work at Dulce and
other top -ecret go-ernment projects, who
would be contacted by the forces that
intended to -ttack Dulce, and became
convinced to aid them in their effort...
  It would be Mr. Cha-bers who would mention
a number of weak points in the Dulce systems
that would allow an a-tack to have a much
better chance of success...It was Cham-ers
who pointed out major weak points for the
aliens...It seemed that the aliens had reason
to worry about a number of the germs found
outside the facility, and that some of the
alien species were highly vulnerable to a
number of human-passed diseases..."
  The germs and bacteria that are everywhere
on the planet, that humans and other mammals
have (for the most part) developed ways to
cope with, can offer great threat to aliens
and their life forms.
  Earth dust, or bacteria blowing on the
winds, can be deadly to a life form that has
no resistance to such things. What humans
refer to as 'hay fever' can be just as deadly
to a creature that is having a difficult time
'breathing' in the Earth's oxygen rich
  It was quickly realized that if the filters
used to make Earth's  'air' more acceptable
for the aliens could be disabled, many of the
enemy would soon be sick and unable to
continue to fight, and a large number might
simply d-e on the spot!
Part 3.
John Winston.

Subject: What Happened In Dulce.      Part 4.
July 16, 2009.
  This shows how they got into Dulce.
  Again, for lack of time, Lieutenant Colonel
O-izuka took on the extra duty of leading a
secondary team inside the main landing port
once CAT-3 had secured the area - to disable
the central air filter exchange that was next
to the landing area. He created the title of
Filter Assault Team (FAT) for his group, with
his customary smile.
  As the intelligence gathering expanded, a
number of shocking facts were uncovered. In
1947, the Dutchman had been involved with
Admiral B-rd in the attack of the last N-zi
base at the South Pole.  (JW  That is first
time I have heard anything about that.  I
don't know whether it is true or false.)
  Now he and others would come to better
understand the connections that e-ite humans
had developed with aliens, from the days of
the Na-i efforts to modern times. This
included helping the aliens to build s-cret
bases all over the Earth (including the base
at the South Pole, and the facility at Dulce),
aiding in the abduction of young women for
alien research and pleasure needs, and the
addition of more pollution to the planets
atmosphere to bring on global warming and
make the Earth more friendly to alien life
  One of the most shocking finds was the
extent of the alien underground
base-and-transportation network. While
tube-trains had been expected, the vast bases
that had been created came as a shock to even
the best informed officers...
  The reason such bases became more important
now was that the human forces had to quickly
find out where every base was that might
react to an a-tack on Dulce, and how long it
would take before they might send rescue
forces. Another question was, how would they
react in general? Might they attack humanity
in some more deadly fashion than simply
abducting a few thousand females a year? In
the end it became clear that because of
divisions in alien intentions, there was
little organization between groups. Like a
number of competing collages at a ruin, for
the most part they were only interested in
their own little outpost and research...
  As for the rank-in-file men who took part
in the mission, most of the names will be
avoided to protect those men who are still
alive (as of 2001, there aren't many still
living), and those who are still involved as
m-litary operatives in one service or
another. Men of the USAFSOC and Delta Force
are some of the best trained warriors
anywhere on the planet, and were more than
ready for the challenge - even if nothing
could have made them ready for what they
would find once they got into the facility.
There are a few general things to know about
such men.
  If one's self-esteem was fragile and
required constant positive reinforcement,
then a career in any of the organizations was
definitely not for that person. Consider a
typical Delta Force training exercise held in
The Shooting House, where manikin t-rrorists
held a real live "volunteer" hostage. The
goal: Destroy the te-rorists without harming
the hostage, who happened to be a Delta Force
  Of course, for special missions, the
'ter-orist' manikin could be replaced by a
'Grey' alien one.
  Command Sgt. Major Eric L. H-ney had been
there for the formation of the el-te group in
1978, being there for some of the first
missions and the grueling training... "Within
the next ten minutes, the door would be blown
in and four of my classmates would assault
the room using the close-quarter ba-tle
techniques we had learned. Bullets would rain
throughout the room and someone would be
firing live rounds within inches of my head.
If they missed a single terr-rist or hit me
by mistake, the team would fail this phase of
training... I sincerely wanted them to pass
the exam," Ha-ey would write in his 2001
book, Inside Delta Force: The Story of
America's Eli-e Counter-terro-ist Unit
(Delacorte Press).
  Of course, one got to participate in this
practice session only if one successfully
completed torturous training that culminated
in a rugged 40-mile hike across the steep
mountains of North Carolina , a 50-pound
rucksack and a machine gun strapped on your
back. Han-y's description of that 18-hour
test of his physical and mental stamina was
one of many excellent narrative highlights in
his account.
  Hane-, an Army Ranger when he was
handpicked to try out for the e-ite unit, was
one of 12 men out of 163 who made it to the
level of Delta Force Operator. The new Delta
Force members then "disappeared" from the
more visible mi-itary units. "We operated
like guerrillas. Or terr-rists. Because the
reality was, in order to become experts at
counter-ter-orism, we had to first become
expert terr-rists," he wrote.
  While H-ney did not mention the Dulce
mission, he did include the failed attempt to
rescue Americans held hostage in Tehran in
which eight American mili-ary personnel died.
  Other missions included some of the world's
toughest places, such as faction-torn Beirut
in 1981 to guard the U.S. Embassy; quelling
rebel insurgencies in Central America,
including fighting Cuban guerrillas in
Grenada; and protecting ambassadors,
p-esidents, CEOs, celebrity prisoners and the
offspring of all of the above. This was not
accomplished without k-lling people, a task
that Ha-ey described in chilling detail.
  Like most of the men involved in the Dulce
at-ack, Ha-ey was the kind of guy you wanted
on your side in a street fight: skilled,
intelligent and disciplined, but distrustful
of the motives of some authority figures,
especially career-climbing colonels and D.C.,
  With Be-kwith, Lea-hers and D-nlon leading
the three land-force CATs, the SOC men would
be attacking under the command of a man most
had never fought beside, but whom most had
heard about...
  Now, for the mission against Dulce, they
were under the command of the Dutchman's son,
who was something of a legend in his own
right in the b-ack ops circle. Two things
were beyond question: the younger R-chards
had proven himself in combat, and he had
never asked his men to do anything he wasn't
ready to do, or left any behind. While his
missions had almost always been so top se-ret
that nobody knew details, the rumors and
trail of evidence was more than clear to any
in the know. The only problem for the command
chain was his reputation for being something
of a loose cannon when it came to following
orders that he didn't think were in the best
interest of his men or the mission - A fact
that just made him more popular with his men.
  In a typical command move on his part, as
he sat in the X-22 with his troops ready to
take off on what looked to many to be their
last mission, he recited the p-ayer/poem; "I
Am A Commando" to his men - their motto more
than his - "As my brother Commandos before
me, I am proud to step into history as a
member of the Air F-rce Special Operations
Command. "I will walk with pride with my
head held high, my heart and attitude will
show my allegiance to G-d, country and
comrades. When unable to walk another step,
I will walk another mile. With freedom my
goal, I will step into destiny with pride
and the Air Fo-ce Special Operations
  As he powered up the X-22, and gave the
order for the helicopters to follow, he
pushed the strange tilt-rotor aircraft to its
flight limits in a wild high speed bank over
the runway to impress the troops still on the
ground - and set the tone for the mission.
Over the earphones and speakers came first
his voice, then the voice of the team members
with him in the X-22, singing the Air For-e
hymn; "Up and Away, Into the Wild Blue
  "We couldn't very well let that bunch smash
open the Gates of H-ll without the rest of us
bhneing right behind them," said one USAF
helicopter pilot.
  Timing was everything, with the X-22 taking
the first wave of CAT-3 racing over the
desert at over 250 miles-per-hour with the
bottom of it's rotor tubes missing the rocks
by less than twenty feet at times.
  They had to hit the main landing port as an
expected ship landed, as CAT-1 and CAT-2 came
in on cargo tube trains several levels
underground. CAT-4 was going to hit with a
SEAL team coming through a water intake as
the main group hit a small support hatch that
would allow them to open another hatch to
allow the SEAL team in.
  Everything, however, revolved around the
success of CAT-3's attack in the main landing
port, as they had to remove the main security
control room and the 'sonics' weaponry
systems that were controlled from there.
  The X-22 came in as planned, racing over
the badlands at over 200 mph while less than
20 feet off the sand. Five miles behind her
was the main assault force being flown in
heavy Air For-e helicopters. The timing had
to be perfect, hanging on the timely arrival
of a large disk-like vehicle that was a known
and expected cargo shuttle from space.
  As observed, the main landing port
"blanketing" holographic projectors were
turned off, and the entry 'blast doors' were
opened for the landing shuttle. Witnesses
said that Ric-ards' brought the X-22 so
tightly that it's landing gear missed
touching the top of the moving disk by only
inches, lowering his roaring craft with the
disk until he had cleared the upper support
girder-system. Then the X-22 shot around the
side of the shuttle, using it to block any
attack by the main gun mounts of the landing
port. The X-22 fired its H-llfire rockets to
smash two gun blisters on the closer side of
the port, as it landed on the roof of the
main port control facility.
Part 4.
John Winston.


Subject: What Happened In Dulce?                Part 5.
July 20, 2009.
  This tells how many girls were rescued.
  In a report filed in early 1980, believed by a number
of C-A sources to have been written by Brigadier
General A-erholt, the author states:
  "What those young men did was nothing less than the
stuff of legend.
  Against overwhelming numbers and technology, they
fought from Level 1 (containing the garages and hangers)
down into the bowels of the enemy base. Portions of the
combat took, and held, the Level 2 ports where tunnel
shuttles and disc maintenance areas would have allowed
enemy reinforcements to enter, while the main force
charged forward towards Level 6, and 'Nightmare Hall,'
to rescue the thousands of human victims kept there."
  They were not ready for what they found in Level 6.
Reports spoke of multi-armed and multi-legged humans
and cages (and vats) of humanoid bat-like creatures as
tall as 7-feet. The aliens had learned a great deal
about genetics, things both useful and frightening. And
most of it had been learned at the cost of human
suffering and lives.
  Captain L-athers' flight reached Level 7 first,
blowing the main HUB entrance open and neutralizing the
s-curity force there with extreme prejudice in less
than 45 second. On entering the se-urity station, they
realized the extent of the facility for the first time,
finding systems for watching, and controlling, over
30,000 captives on that one level (alone), and the
control and security systems for moving the captives to
"testing facilities" and "pleasure centers" in over
62 different locations - where another 4,600 captives
were currently kept.
  Captain Lea-hers' report to I.S. would mention the
moment: "I looked out over holographic images of scenes
of horror that are impossible to express in words, and
a zoo of human being in various states of health and
mental condition. Seeing images of young women being
tortured at that very moment, all I could think of were
my own daughters for several moments. Then I collected
my wits, and gave the order to move forward to release
as many of the victims as we could."
  While the original mission plan had called for the
teams to att-ck, smash as much of the enemy facility as
they could, and withdraw in less than half an hour, the
introduction of so many human victims added a new
dimension to the problems at hand. While none of the
officers in charge will admit to who made the order,
recorded radio communications, and eyewitness reports,
seem to suggest that Ade-holt allowed the young
Richards to change the mission demands as the numbers
of "savable" victims became more apparent.
  Captain Leat-ers' I.S. report reads: "It wasn't like
we had choices. We couldn't leave those poor girls
behind alive. We knew that any that we didn't evacuate,
we were going to have to t-rminate. Our problem was
simply numbers. Thousands of aliens trying to k-ll us.
Thousands of human females screaming for help.
Thousands more so far gone that we knew we would have
to leave them behind. Thousands of enemy troops
starting to arrive on the subway trains. We just
weren't set up for a mass evacuation. The subtube back
to New York , and one to Mexico, seemed to still be
open, so we started loading girls into tube trains and
shooting them off as soon as we knew our forces were in
control of the stations at the other ends. We blew two
air shafts wide open, so a couple squads could get
girls out that way into the fresh air where hopefully
our people could pick them up. CAT-4 took a real
beating as they fought to keep alien reinforcements
from entering the main subtube stations. There is no
doubt in my mind that we stayed in the facility too
long, but at the time it was very hard to leave those
poor young women behind. You knew that everyone you
failed to send out in front of you was going to di-,
and soon."
  Exactly one hour after the X-22 had first attacked
the main port entry, Ader-olt ordered a full recall.
David G-iggs and R.E. M-Nair had by then managed to get
two alien craft airborne - one disk-craft and one of
the highly advanced triangle fighter-craft - and were
running for A-ea 51. Ro-sa's men also had managed to
get a huge disk-shuttle moving, in which over 3,600
human females had been loaded and were now being taken
to a safe base.
  The human a-tack teams were now withdrawing behind
walls of smoke and set explosions. One of the
frightening bits of equipment that the MAT men had
found, but been forced to leave behind, was a type of
"Cell-Electrostatic-Disruption" (CED) device - a weapon
that could be set to disrupt the cells of a living
creature at a subatomic level, thus ki-ling everything
living in an area while not doing much harm to any
structures or equipment. To make sure there would be no
survivors left in the facility, that device was set by
the MAT technicians to go off shortly after the full
withdrawal of the at-ack teams.
  Lieutenant Colonel E.S. O-izuka, who had led the
Filter Atta-k Team, managed to repair the X-22's battle
damage before taking command of a captured alien
triangle fighter-craft. As the wounded Ri-hards fought
a running retreat with the last of the rescued females
and the survivors of CAT-4 and CAT-3, Ontz-ka provided
cover fire from the alien fighter-craft. This gave
Richa-ds the time to reach and restart the X-22 as
Colonel D-nlon loaded the last victim as he and two of
his men fought off attacking alien shock troops.
  Nearly overwhelmed, the human fighters in the X-22
would have likely not made it into the air if at that
moment several battlecraft hadn't darted into the port
facility and started to lay down a brutal fire pattern
against the other aliens.
  While one can only guess at the reasons for this
sudden aid, it has long been reported that the
Dutchman, and his son, had highly questionable
off-world contacts. From eyewitness accounts of the
battlecraft, one had the symbols on its wings of what
human experts in the field suggest marked the craft as
belonging to something like a 'prince' of a 'royal
house'. Whatever the case, the Reptile battlecraft
fought on the side of the humans (indeed, two of their
craft were lost in the bat-le), and gave the X-22 and
Ontz-ka's fighter-craft and the last two helicopters
the chance to escape.
  Seventy-two minutes, 14 seconds, after the att-ck had
started, the X-22 and the Reptile battlecraft with
princely markings cleared the landing port's blast
doors and dashed for safety. Explosions from dozens of
set bombs started to blow up enemy craft as they took
off, and thirty-five seconds after they cleared the
doors, the CED went off, causing every life-form -
alien and human - left inside the facility, to
demolecularize on a subatomic level. Only a few in the
heavily shielded lowest shelter levels survived.
  The human female survivors were taken to several top
s-cret mi-itary bases where they were "deprogramed" and
"rehabilitated" so that they could be slowly farmed
back into society with no memory of what they had
  As the mysterious "Commander X" stated: "...From my
own in-elligence work within the mil-tary, I can say
WITH ALL CERTAINTY that one of the main reasons the
public has been kept in total darkness about the
reality of UFOs and 'aliens', is that the truth of the
matter actually exists TOO CLOSE TO HOME TO DO ANYTHING
ABOUT. How could a spokesman for the Pentagon dare
admit that five or ten thousand feet underground EXISTS
WE HAVE HAD FOR CENTURIES? How could, for example, our
fastest bomber be any challenge to those aerial
invaders when we can only guess about the routes they
take to the surface; eluding radar as they fly so low,
headed back to their underground lair? ...the 'Greys'
or the 'EBEs' have established a fortress, spreading
out to other parts of the U.S. via means of a vast
underground tunnel system THAT HAS VIRTUALLY EXISTED
  All of the men involved in any of the atta-k teams
were either 'mindwiped' or sworn to secr-cy on pain of
d-ath, or t-rminated ( higher-level insiders
following the batt-e, self-serving po-iticians and
'el-te' who had nothing to do with initiating the
att-ck, but who had everything to do with suppressing
any information concerning it after the fact. -
Branton). Because the officers in charge were seen as
heros by many of the p-litical right-wing that took
control in Washington in 1981, most were protected by
the changing po-itical e-ite. Many of those who had
either openly backed the alien cause, or had profited
from it in one way or another, were forced to pull back
from their position for nearly ten years. Only when
George B-sh Sr. became P-esident were the aliens able
to return, and then only in much smaller numbers.
  The Batt-e of Dulce ended the alien hope for using
the Earth as a breeding tank for a subspecies, or for
their take-over of the planet at any time in the near
future. While the Grey's restarted a breeding program
in 1993, and some of the lower levels of the Dulce
Facility were reopened by 1998, the numbers are in the
tens' or hundreds rather than the thousands. And U-AF
Space Command now tracks all alien craft, with the
constant threat that Top Se-ret "Flights" can react
and attack an otherworld enemy at any moment, with
dramatic results...
Part 5.
John Winston

Subject: What Happened In Dulce?           Part 6 of 6.
July 20, 2009.
  This shows the people who were part of this mission.
  Over 50 years of intense UFO interest, investigation,
researching, evaluation, and theorizing by countless
UFO aficionados have enabled modern field investigators
to better examine, evaluate, and identify many of the
unusual airborne objects that are being reported. Yet a
small percentage of the reports continue to elude
positive identification. Rumors of what took place at
Dulce in 1979 have already been reduced to legend at
the end of the 20th century. Indeed, the continued
'conmen' involved with such reports have helped the
U-AF cover the truth of events that took place at
Dulce, and continue to aid in the effort to hide the
ruined facility and those who took part in events
  Men like i-telligence officer William C-oper, who
have become too loose with their knowledge of the
truth, can be discredited in any number of ways, or
t-rminated if they become too great a threat. It should
be clear from their actions, and their willingness to
challenge authority, that these men must never be
allowed into such a position of power or authority
again (or rather, such is the mindset of the human - or
shapeshifting!? - e-ite). While the "Dutchman" was
te-minated in 1996, and his son will be in p-ison for
the rest of his life, the mindset itself that created
such men must be crushed if the human r-ce is to know
peace with the aliens (but then again, the el-te
gray-alien version of 'peace' is more akin to
'assimilation' - Branton). The illusion of freedom that
may be lost by those few who know what is really going
on will be a worthy exchange for amazing technology
that will come into the hands of the human eli-e (so
they reason) that takes part in the new transfer. This
may not take place easily, of course, until all human
resistance has been removed either through retraining
or through conquest. (This is the distorted reasoning
of the 'elit-' who would sell out our planet for their
own selfish personal physical gain - Branton)
  One of the key lessons to be learned from the Dulce
B-ttle is as long as there are small, highly trained
and well equipped human forces, that can, may, or will
go into action on their own accord to protect the
people of the Earth, easy conquest of the planet
becomes difficult. A departmentalized m-litary, with
some branches so Top S-cret that even the p-litical
-lite who rule the country aren't too sure of what is
out there, is a threat to any enemy. At this time,
there are arms of the U-AF Space Command so Top Se-ret
that no one in the P-ntagon knows that they exist in
anything but legend.
  If humanity is to survive long enough for it to take
a historic place in the civilized social structures of
the universe, they must either defend themselves from
any life-form that would harm them or their planet, or
surrender themselves to some sort of interplanetary
p-lice force that will protect them. At this time, only
rumors of such a po-ice force have reached those in the
know, leaving self-defense as the only real option. The
men who att-cked the Dulce Facility in 1979 understood
that reality, and took the task of defending humanity
into their own hands. One can only make subjective
guesses at what might have happened if they had not
done what they did.
  COLONEL CHARLES B-CKWITH: Commander of Delta Force
and CAT-1.
  J.V. C-AMBERS: Engineer for B-chtel.
  WILLIAM CO-PER: In-elligence Officer.
  COLONEL R.H.C. D-NLON: Commander CAT-4.
  DAVID G-IGGS: Astronaut, liberated UFO.
  GENERAL R.T. H-RRES: Commander of US-F Communications
Command at S-ott Air Force Base, Ill.
  KARL GORDON H-NIZE: Organized mission flight teams.
  GENERAL D.C. J-NES: Chairman J-int Chiefs of Staff.
  CAPTAIN W.R. L-ATHERS: Commander CAT-2.
  R.E. M-NAIR: Laser expert, liberated UFO.
liberated UFO.
  ROSS P-ROT: Helped to fund the mission.
  MAJOR E.L. R-CHARDS, JR.: 'The Dutchman' - Commander
in Chief of the Dulce Mission, Head of I.S.
  CAPTAIN M. RI-HARDS: Commander of CAT-3.
  COLONEL S.A. R-OSA: Commander MAT.
  EDWIN W-LSON: Helped to fund the mission.
  CAT Combat Assault Team.
  FAT Filter Attack Team.
  MAT Material Acquisition Team.
  IS International Security
  --- Victim Assistance Team.
  CUT Clean up Team.
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Part 6 of 6.
John Winston.