Paranormal Newsletter Update

From Bill Knell, 3/26/08:

Stephenville Type UFO Seen In Corpus Christi

On Saturday, 3/22/08, a number of people saw what appeared to be a large UFO over the Corpus Christi, Texas, area. One resident (an active duty member of the military) living near Holly and Everhart watched the object for about fifteen minutes. He managed to capture video of the object on his cell phone. After watching video of the huge object that appeared over Stephenville, Texas, in January, he said the objects were similar and both moved back and forth from side to side.

After the story and video appeared on the KIII news broadcast (a South Texas Television Station), others called in and emailed the station to say that they had seen the object as well. KIII reports: “Dennis Limon of Aransas Pass told us that he was out in front of his home when he spotted the object. It was large and yellow to orange in color. He claims that it also had a fire or sparks coming from behind the object. Federal officials at N-A-S Corpus Christi say that no one was manning their control tower over the weekend and at the airport nothing unusual was reported. Still, there are a number of eyewitnesses who saw they saw something in the sky. But what it was may remain a mystery.”

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