NASA Reveals Lunar Secrets

Kevin Smith, host of The Kevin Smith Show, has posted some amazing photos taken by NASA. These photos are part of a radar mapping of the moon, appear on the official NASA website and show what look like unknown structures on the lunar surface. Fans of Kevin’s show might recall that Alpha Com Team member and IPUS Spokesperson Dick Criswell recently told Kevin that he had viewed documents which indicated that the USA has had people living and working on the moon for decades. You can view the photos on Kevin Smith’s website at http://kevinsmithshow.com/nasa_goldstone_photos.htm

NASA has to be concerned about the fact that many nations now have plans to visit the Moon using probes and, eventually, with their own astronauts. According to Extraterrestrial Archeology and Mars face Researcher Richard Hoagland, NASA has spent years trying to cover up what they have found on the Moon. Hoagland recently teamed up with Dr Ken Johnson to expose some of the information that NASA has been trying to cover up at a National Press Club briefing in 2007.

Dr Johnson, former Manager of the Data and Photo Control Department at NASA’s Lunar Receiving Laboratory, has said that he witnessed NASA personnel airbrushing photos that were taken on the Moon. In addition to altering photos, NASA ordered Johnson to destroy historic images taken during the Apollo Moon Missions. Fortunately, he managed to preserve some and now speaks out about this appalling situation. You can watch more about this on our DVD presentation, Alien Encounters: Exposing Worldwide Government Secrecy.

It’s obvious that these new photos posted by NASA are just the tip pf the iceberg and may be their attempt to allow people to view lunar images and decide what’s up there for themselves. It’s doubtful that NASA is the agency responsible for the secret lunar missions and moon bases. You can read more about this in our previous http://www.CanYouStandTheTruth.com/ipusnewsletter/Newsletter15.html

Stephenville Objects Seen Elsewhere and a new Stephenville Sighting

IPUS just received an amazing series of photos that were taken from an aircraft near Manchester, England, on 12/18/2007. The person submitting the photos writes:

"I saw similar lights as Stephenville, Texas. While flying into Manchester England on the morning of 18 Dec 2007, I awoke to a beautiful dawn. So beautiful in fact, that I woke up the person next to me. He grabbed his camera, and I grabbed mine. We both spent the next 15 minutes snapping pictures of this fantastical scene. It wasn't until I looked at the pictures on my PC that I found that what looked like a star or satellite to my naked eye was actually something quite different. I thought that maybe I had jostled the camera while clicking it, but that would not explain the loopdy-loops! Then, when I saw the pictures from Stepheville, I had to report this!"

The photos can be viewed at http://www.CanYouStandTheTruth.com

Despite an almost complete news blackout on the part of the national media, events in Stephenville, Texas, continue to point to something very unusual that defies normal explanation. On January 31, 2008, retired Texas Department of Public Safety Officer Mike Zimmerman, age 62, woke up around 6am to an unusual sight outside of his bedroom window:

"I saw three bright lights. Two white lights were grouped closer together and higher and the third one was closer to the horizon. That one was a was a reddish orange color."

According to StephenvilleLights.com Reporter Angelia Joiner, "The two white lights were shooting out beams of white light in a pulsating strobe light effect. The reddish orange light closer to the horizon did not have beams shooting from it."

Zimmerman worked on the elite protective detail for five Texas Governors (including George Bush) during his time with the Texas Department of Public Safety and currently works as an officer at Tarleton State University. One would say that he is a reliable witness and trained observer.

Zimmerman went on to say, ""At first I thought it might be three helicopters with really bright search lights until I noticed the beams of white lights shooting out to the side of the bright lights... The beams from the side weren't as obvious as the bright big lights and they were just real quick. The whole beam would just shoot out there and just disappear. If anyone had taken a picture with a timed exposure they would have caught all of them (shooting beams) at one time. It was strange. I have never seen anything like this before at all... I hope it's military, I know they've got things. I could go either way (opinion of military or alien) but it was out of the ordinary and I have never seen anything like it before."

Zimmerman woke up his fiancé and they both watched the event for about three minutes. As the sun rose, the light vanished. He wondered if the objected might have anything to do with nearby Fort Hood.

"That's the first thought I had, but that's a long way off and it appeared to be closer than that," Zimmerman said.

It's interesting to note that I reported an event involving Fort Hood, Texas, in a 1989 edition of my newsletter. A soldier serving at Fort Hood during that time reported that a large cyndrical object appeared out of no where during daytime manuevers and floated through various parts of the base causing disruptions of power and confusion among the troops. He and other witnesses were interviewed by base security personnel, but he wasn't sure what came of that.

Fort Hood has had it's own share of alleged UFO activity over the years. The same object seen in 1989 was seen in March of 1949 in the Killeen, Texas, area over what would become Fort Hood (then called Camp Hood). It appeared over the nuclear weapons storage area and was reported by several military witnesses. They described the same type of blue-white oblong object seen in 1989.

On August 2, 2007, two civilian witnesses living near Fort Hood saw two fast moving objects that looked like glowing white lights. Both witnesses were used to seeing military jets and other aircraft in the sky over their home and said that this was something completely different.

Florida Power Outage Update

Florida Power has managed to find even more ridiculous explanation for the recent power outage. After saying it was caused by a “disturbance” and a substation fire, they now claim it was caused by one poorly trained employee. Can one employee cause a complete grid failure and a nuclear power plant to go off line? If so, I guess we have even bigger problems than worrying about Aliens playing around with our nuclear facilities.

UK UFO Sightings On The Increase

IPUS UK Director Steve Mera bring us this report and amazing photo from THE SUN newspaper:

Cornish UFO Photo:

Antonella Lazzari reports in the January 4, 2008 edition of The Sun:

A man who asked just to be called Edward snapped a strange shaped object which appeared to be 'buzzing' a Navy ship.

He said: "I was taking photos of the ship when a helicopter from it took off, flew west then landed back on board just a few minutes later.

"It was only when I blew up the photos on my computer that I realised what the helicopter had gone off to take a look at.

"It was in the exact same bay as the one featured in The Sun earlier this week." American holidaymaker Ian Mulford also believes he snapped a UFO at virtually the same spot as Edward.

Ian said: "I was taking photographs and did not see anything unusual at the time, but after reviewing the pictures I found something very unusual in the background of a picture of one of the family.

Partygoer Rodga Harvey claims he snapped a UFO as he made his way home from a party on New Years eve.

Rodga, from St.Ives, said:"It was only when I looked at the photo later that I realised there was this weird flying object in the sky.

"It didn't look like any normal aircraft so I am sure it is a UFO."

Mum of one Rachel Clarke, 25, is totally convinced that she filmed two UFOs flying above the skies above Borehamwood on New Year's Day.

Rachel said: "I was standing on the balcony of a neighbour's house celebrating.

"We suddenly saw a bright light appear in the sky, then another one joined it.

"They both started darting about really fast. They weren't flying around like normal planes, or helicopters.

"Everyone who saw them, and there were about 15 of us, were amazed. I didn't see any green men flying them, but I am sure they were UFOs.

Grandmother Mary Booth, 57, says she saw what she believes was a UFO in Bristol on New Year's Eve.

You can view the photo at http://www.CanYouStandTheTruth.com

Another Photo:

This stunning photo of a UFO over Cornwall was last night hailed by experts as one of the best ever taken in Britain.

The classic flying saucer shape is seen above two ships.

And UFO watchers believe it could be proof we are not alone.

Kelvin Barbery snapped the mystery object from a coastal path between Swanpool and Maenporth, near Falmouth.

In a weird twist, Kelvin, 55, did not even see the UFO at the time.

He thought he was just taking a sea view — but when he loaded the digital camera card on to his computer, the round metallic “craft” was in the centre of the shot, about two miles away.

Kelvin, a facilities manager for schools, said: “There were a couple of tankers out in the bay and I thought that it made a nice shot.

“There was nothing in view and certainly no fault on the camera.

“When I got home I couldn’t believe what I had. I thought, ‘Wow, where did that come from?’ I’m not the sort to believe in UFOs — now I’m not so sure.”

Nick Pope, one of Britain’s foremost UFO experts, said the photo was one of the best he had seen.

Nick, formerly the official Ministry of Defence UFO analyst, said: “If I was still there I’d be looking at this very closely. The object looks structured, symmetrical and metallic. This man has caught something very interesting indeed.”

Michael Soper, of the Contact International UFO group, agreed: “This does appear genuine. Digital photos can be doctored but everything about it appears consistent.”

Kelvin took his picture at 3.31pm on December 29, with a Nikon D80 Digital SLR on automatic.

You can view the photo at http://www.CanYouStandTheTruth.com

More UK Sightings:

WALES -- Laura Wright, of the South Wales Echo reports: Sightings of unidentified flying objects have soared in the last month, with at least two a week seen by airline pilots in South Wales. Dancing lights, large craft and mysterious flashes are among dozens of
UFOs sighted above Cardiff and the South Wales Valleys in the last few years. And only four days ago, on the night of Christmas Day, a couple saw spherical orange lights in the sky above their home in the capital. According to figures released under the Freedom of
Information Act, the Ministry of Defence has looked into 13 reports of UFOs in South Wales in the past three years. Several other sightings have been posted on UFO websites but it is thought that many more go unreported.

HINDLEY, WIGAN -- On Monday, December 17, 2007, a 29 year old man and his girlfriend witnessed an unusual sight. Kevin writes "the object was more or less
stationery with only slight movements [both] decreasing and increasing [in] altitude." He said that he was using the stars to judge its motion. "I could see very clearly, as there were no clouds, it definitely wasn't a star and it wasn't a plane," he said, "because it moved very little." He writes that "I don't think it was a helicopter neither, as there wasn't any sound and it seemed to be too large." They observed many lights on it. "The fact is that it just seemed to hover for at least 45 minutes without a lot of movement," he said. The
couple observed the UFO through a pair of garden binoculars. They said it looked round in shape but through the naked eye it looked more triangular. The eyewitnesses also reported that they'd observed the object for at least 45 minutes before turning in for
the night at around 12:05 am.

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