Press Release - For Immediate Release

South Florida Power Outage May Be Connected To UFOs

Date: February 26, 2008

RE: South Florida Power Outage May be Connected To UFOs

From: International Paranormal UFO Society

Written By: Bill Knell, IPUS Newsletter Editor,

Contact: Dick Criswell,, 765-483-9089

Interviews/Guest Spots: Dick Criswell, 765-483-9089


While appearing live on an internet radio program on Monday, February 25, 2008, UFO Researcher Dick Criswell took several live reports about UFO sightings. Some were from Eastern Canada and others from the area of the Turkey Point Nuclear Power Generating Plant near Homestead, Florida. The Florida sightings involved both cylindrical and triangular shaped UFOs. Earlier today, Tuesday, February 26, 2008, we received more reports of triangular shaped UFOs near Homestead and the nuclear power plant operated by Florida Power and Light.

Just after receiving the additional reports of UFO sightings from the Homestead area, more reports came in from areas all along the East Coast of Florida. Shortly after that, the Turkey Point Nuclear Power Generating automatically shut down leaving millions of South Florida residents without power. Based on the reports we received and the fact that UFOs have been directly and indirectly connected to other power outages and failures throughout the years, we believe that the Florida outage was caused by the presence of UFOs.

International Paranormal UFO Society Board Member, Spokesperson and Investigator Dick Criswell is currently investigating the reports received. We ask anyone with information about these matters to contact the IPUS UFO Hotline at 765-483-9089, email us at or visit our website and file a report at Dick Criswell is an experienced paranormal researcher with forty years of experience. Hes available for press inquiries and guest spots and may be contacted at 765-483-9089 or


Recent UFO sightings in Texas have stirred up national interest in the subject. IPUS has received reports of UFO sightings from many parts of the USA and from other nations as well. UFO activity seems to be on the rise. According to a recent poll, a vast majority of Americans believe that UFOs are real and not easily explainable. Many say they have had UFO experiences themselves. The entertainment industry has taken notice with a number of television programs and films about this subject in the works.

A remake of The Day The Earth Stood Still is currently filming in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada starring Keanu Reeves and Jennifer Connelly. Ironically, the main character in the original 1951 film proves that he has the power to influence earth affairs by causing a worldwide power outage at a specific time on a specific day.

While its unknown whether or not we are witnessing a demonstration of alien technology in terms of the Florida power outage, its certain that UFOs have been connected to these events before. Philadelphia Experiment survivor, Al Bielek, predicted that the U.S. Government would use Alien technology to cause a massive power outage in August of 2003 while appearing on the Coast To Coast radio broadcast. That event happened and affected a huge area of the USA.

During the famous Northeast USA Power Outage that occurred during November of 1965, UFOs were spotted near the Niagara Falls power station before and during the outage. Many New Yorkers and those visiting the city during the blackout reported seeing UFOs and some took photos of these objects. The witnesses included police officers, fire firefighters, military members and even celebrities.

Actors Warren Beatty and Stuart Whitman reported seeing disc shaped UFOs near the Empire State Building. They both happened to be staying in the same hotel and witnessed the objects from their hotel room windows. On other occasions, World Heavyweight Champion Muhammad Ali and Musician John Lennon reported seeing UFOs hovering and flying very low over the area near Central park and the U.N. Building.

Dick Criswell was appearing live on the Kevin Smith Show when reports came into the program about UFO sightings in Florida and Canada. Additional reports continued coming into IPUS today via email right up to the time of the Florida power outage. Based on the information we have at the moment, Dick believes that the power outage and UFO reports in Florida are probably connected. Well bring you more as the information is processed and becomes available.