Dr. Burisch Elaborates On 2 Types Of ET Physiology
                               From Bill Hamilton

    Dan has answered the questions concerning the apparent disparity in the
        description of J-Rod and has been allowed access to the briefing
    documents to quote from as well as give his own experiences in analyzing
       the J-Rod (ET) housed in the clean-sphere at S-4-5 (fifth level).

            Here is Dan's response received today April 23rd, 2005.

                                     Bill -

      I have received information of excellent provenance that provides a
    definitive answer which lies between your two points of resolution. I am
    quite surprised that such was offered, as the source understood I would
     be responding to your query. (Oh, well! Bully for us!) I was provided
     with this information (#Q-91-740King), during one of my briefings, but
    didn,t pay as much attention to it when first provided it, as I was more
    interested in the biological considerations. I remember skimming it, but
     the societal stuff wasn,t my "thing." (If you recall, I advised you of
     that fact, during one of our early meetings at UNLV.) Being that I was
      already exposed to the document, I had permission within my emeritus
    status to have it read to me under the understanding that it was for the
                        purpose of refreshing my memory.

    The J-Rod at LANL (no longer alive) was a separate J-Rod that arrived in
     a cooperative effort with the S4 J-Rod. The LANL J-Rod was resident at
     P+45k-yr. (rounded) at Reticulum, whereas the S4 J-Rod was resident at
       P+52k-yr. (rounded) at Gliese. The LANL J-Rod was sent to combine
     efforts with his future (a future exchange effort between societies),
       with the S4 J-Rod stationed at Gliese. Both traveled to the P-52y
     location in the Arizona desert as a combined scientific emissary team,
           which was supposed to land in New Mexico and be greeted by
     representatives of the MJ-12 working group. The report reads that the
      crash occurred near Kingman, Arizona. The report makes allusion to a
    third EBE, dead at the impact site. It makes no other declaration about
    it. I know it was supposed to be a briefing, but the report was written
        more in the style of a filed report, and contained areas of both
                  detailed and less tightly woven information.

       The report goes on to indicate that the P+52k-yr J-Rods (hereafter
     called 52's) who have been assigned to Gliese are those suffering from
      higher rates of the peripheral neuropathy as they are no good to the
     society from whence they came. The higher ambient partial pressure of
      hydrogen and lower normal environmental temperatures enable them to
    carry out their societal functions, as those conditions reduce symptoms
     of the neuropathy. The 52's society is such that a strict utilitarian
    approach is maintained over its individuals. This was a way to make them
       "worth their salt", from their leader,s perspective. The P+45k-yr.
      J-Rods (hereafter called 45's) are those scientific representatives,
    direct from Reticulum, not suffering from active peripheral neuropathy.

    Both representatives possess the generalized short, slim, stature. This
    report indicates the 52's to possess the Type-1-Cockayne- Syndrome-like
    appearance, and range between 0.91m-1.07m in height (normal stance). The
       45's stand more erect, and appear significantly taller as a result
     (normal stance: 1.07m-1.22m). (These numbers must supercede any other
     recollections of mine as they come right from the measurements in the
       briefing dossier.) There are also anatomical differences, such as
    variants in cranial protuberances, eye size, and such...but that is not
                         germane to the issue at hand.

     The 45's are accustomed to breathing approximately 18% ambient oxygen,
       whereas the 52's are able to acclimate to that same level when the
       neuropathy is not exacerbated, with supplemental hydrogen partial
       pressures being therapeutic (see reason below). The report clearly
    indicates that hyperbaric therapy was applied to both the 45 and the 52,
         with the 45 recovering sufficiently to handle the present day
    atmosphere, and the 52 existing likewise (with intermittent supplemental
    hyperbaric therapy) until August, 1991. The report doesn,t specify when
    the J-Rod was consigned to permanent enclosure, but it is clear that he
    could sustain himself in our atmosphere, for short periods, as close as
                 a few years prior to my interaction with him.

     During the time of first introduction to the 52, it was clear that he
       could not sustain himself outside of the pressurized clean-sphere
      environment. True enough, by then he could not. In fact, atmospheric
     variations were used to control the 52's behavior, through the use of
     negative reinforcement, by pressure induced intumescence. (I was never
                      involved in that kind of activity.)

    This briefing dossier also included societal and political perspectives.
       Prior to my involvement, his formal status changed from "guest" to
     "prisoner" as there existed a schism between the human authorities and
    the society of 45's, then showing an upwelling of political activity by
      the "rogues." The 52 was held under arrest, for that reason, as the
     suspicion was transferred to their society. The "rogues", resident at
    the time of the 45's, didn,t have representation from the 52's society.
      That caused the human authorities to suspect that the "rogues" were
    actually in charge of the 52's society and were therefore cloaked under
       the guise of the majority and not separated as a distinct minority

         As I understand it, the "rogues" in their attempts to justify
     themselves, are also attempting to change the timelines such that they
    do not become socially extinct within 7 thousand years between 45 and 52
     societies. It may be useful to reiterate that should a cataclysm occur
     in concert with the history books of the J-Rods, that the evolutionary
    process which ultimately results in the production of the J-Rods and the
    Brothers from Orion occurs over many thousands of years of evolutionary
      process. (i.e. It doesn,t happen overnight!) The only thing we would
     see, during our lifetime, would be the dead and the efforts to survive
        on the surface and in the subterranean areas and facilities. Any
    divergence occurs hundreds of generations into the future. I do believe,
    in my heart, that we will avert the catastrophe, that the timelines will
    collapse, and that "something wonderful" will either happen or begin to

    (Regressing to the mean {so to speak}, though: Implicit in that is also
     the recognition of prophecy and tribulation. Again, no free lunch, by
     why would we ever expect it? Just a note - why do the carnival barkers
    in the media refuse to present that statement/position of mine: looking
     to a successful future for humanity? They consistently paint the doom
       then declare themselves as positive, when the only thing they are
    positive on is their own financial status and fleeting fame. Is it just
     that they are that desperate to feel in charge, or gain some distorted
                      view of leadership? Sad...anyway...)

     Now, on to my direct experiences and the linkage between them and the
                     information contained in the briefing.

      I will try to confine my comments to his self perception, the issues
        regarding the neuropathy and heat loss, and the extraterrestrial
             cytology germane to the discussion; in reverse order.

     General cytology as germane to this discussion: (from personal recall,
                                not the report.)

    In early discussions, I referred to the general cytology of the 52's as
    possessing an "external" and "internal" cytoplasm. Not much was made of
     it, during any previous interview, and from my standpoint I was always
    confounded by that lack of inquiry. Of course, I am looking at it from a
        single direction and am biased toward the biological attributes
                          surrounding my experiences.